Simply to put the most perfect gift under the tree!

This year we have come up with a gift wish list with something to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Whether your loved ones are real foodies, fans of beer, fashion or something a little more original, you're guaranteed to find something they will like from our selection of Burgundian gifts.
Once your loved ones have opened their gifts and discovered the contents with sheer joy, make sure you recommend they come and visit our producers and discover all the wonderful products on offer.

Calling all foodies

Everyone knows that the region of Burgundy goes hand-in-hand with good taste and delicious food.

Our region is full of traditional and addictive, gourmet delights such as biscuits, sweets, and chocolate.

And Christmas is the right time to treat your friends and family, so they can discover these delicious local delights.

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Anis de Flavigny sweets

Have you heard of this exceedingly good sweet® made from natural, plant-based ingredients in a Benedictine Abbey in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, one of the most beautiful villages in France, since 1591? The entire range of flavours is delicious but our favourite has to be blackcurrant.

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The Ferme Fruirouge

In the village of Concœur in Hautes Côtes de Nuits, Côte-d'Or, Isabelle and Sylvain pour all their passion into producing a range of delicious products at the Ferme Fruirouge, including jams and syrups.

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Bubbles galore!

To add some sparkle to your festivities, the sommeliers of Burgundy suggest beginning or ending your festive meal with a glass of Crémant de Bourgogne sparkling wine, while the brewers of the region have a more informal pre-dinner drink for you: a delicious cold beer, brewed locally. Dark, blonde, red ale or Christmas ale, you’re guaranteed to find one you like! To treat yourselves or as a gift…

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Calling all fashionistas

Dress in our local colours

More and more of us are paying attention to where the products we buy come from and we are choosing local products that haven’t travelled too far. In Burgundy, you don’t need to go very far for clothes and accessories. There’s something for everyone there, from head to foot!



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Toasty warm feet

Socks and tights from the Manufacture Perrin

To make sure you can stay warm in winter, the Manufacture Perrin has everything you need. In Montceau-les-Mines since 1924, this is the last family-run company specialised in 100% French manufactured socks and stockings working for the luxury brands. This company has also been awarded the French 'Living Heritage Company' label.


The Manufacture Perrin
Le summum de l’élégance

The safe bet for men: French Gauthier Shirts

 Gauthier has been creating a range of shirts in the port town of Chalon-sur-Saône since 1947, and this brand's values of 'elegance, modernity and authenticity' never go out of fashion.

You’ll look so chic!

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A must-have

A Neyrat umbrella

Step inside the Neyrat workshop-boutique in Autun where you’ll find beautiful materials, real expert know-how, and traditional techniques passed down through the generations, making this company a reference in the world of umbrellas.

Manufacture Neyrat
A whole host of ideas!

For everyone Gifts galore!

If you’re looking to surprise your friends, your children... here are some ideas to suit everyone, whatever their interests, whatever their gender, at shops where you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Candles, original stationary, decorative items made in France or locally here in Burgundy... sometimes it doesn’t take much to bring joy into someone’s life!

Go behind-the-scenes of the French manufactured products of Burgundy

Discover how traditional expertise is combined with today's modern industry on these company tours.

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