Heritage sites of outstanding universal value

4 sites recognised by UNESCO

The 4 Burgundian heritage sites listed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO are exceptional examples of cultural and natural heritage, evidence of bygone days and of the extraordinary connections between Mother Nature and Mankind. These places of outstanding universal value are irreplaceable and we strongly recommend you come and visit them!

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Fontenay Abbey

Fontenay Abbey was founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard, and is one of the most ancient Cistercian monasteries in France. It was one of the very first places in France to be recognised by UNESCO.

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Vézelay Abbey Church and Hill

The Benedictine monastery was founded in the 9th century and houses the relics of Mary Magdelene, making it a popular place of pilgrimage

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Priory Notre-Dame of La Charité-sur-Loire

The Priory was founded in 1059 and is perfectly located on the banks of the Loire and on the pilgrimage routes of the Way of St. James. This Priory is a "daughter house" of the powerful Cluny Abbey

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The "Climats" of Burgundy's vineyard

This open-air mosaic of vine plots stretches across the Côtes de Nuits and Côtes de Beaune. The "Climats" are a remarkable example of wine production that has been developed since the Early Middle Ages.

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