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What are the 'Climats' in Burgundy?

While you're staying in Burgundy, you'll pass through a whole host of 'climats', which have nothing to do with the weather!

This specific term refers to the winegrowing land. A 'climat' is a vine plot, that has been carefully marked out and named for centuries, with its own history and with very specific geological conditions and its own microclimate.

There are more than 1,200 Climats between Dijon, Beaune and Maranges.

Historic landscapes, recognised by UNESCO

The 'Climats' of Burgundy is a model of terroir-based viticulture, unique in the world. The winegrowers and vineyard owners have acquired this knowledge of the terroir and winegrowing know-how, over centuries, from as far back as the Early Middle Ages.

For 2,000 years, this vine cultivation has progressively revealed a unique and diversified heritage:

>> the vineyard stone walls and stone shelters, known as 'cabottes',

>> winemakers' houses in the villages,

>> and the monuments in the towns of Dijon and Beaune.

This architectural heritage is evidence of how Man (monks, Valois-Burgundy dukes, merchants, winegrowers, etc.) has made its mark, and shaped and protected the "Climats" over time, each in turn.

This cultivation also created the remarkable landscapes.

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The Maison des Climats in Beaune

Come to the centre of Beaune to the Maison des Climats for an informative tour of this winegrowing land! The digital tools, sounds and model will help you learn all about the wines you'll be tasting afterwards...

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Activities at the heart of the Burgundy vineyard

A whole host of activities await you in the vineyards of Burgundy, whether they are guided tours, picnics in amongst the vines or walks, bike rides and rides on more atypical contraptions. There's something for everyone!

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