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Fairytale forest

Forêts national park

Welcome to the 11th national park in France. This is a sanctuary for ancient deciduous trees, some of them more than two hundred years old.

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"The black mountain"

Morvan Regional Natural Park

Nature lovers will enjoy exploring this little Canada of Burgundy, dotted with vast lakes and dense forests.

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Country break

Get some fresh countryside air

All the little countryside destinations

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The Auxois region

Land of Cockaigne and a real-life history book

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Daniel Salem

La Puisaye

Woodland, forests and lakes

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Seine & Tilles

A beautiful lush green place close to Dijon

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The Charolais-Brionnais country

Woodland, Charolais cattle and sophisticated landscapes

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Bresse Bourguignonne

Come and explore the Bresse landscapes

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Unmissable natural sites

Are you looking for something spectacular in the great outdoors? We recommend these four natural sites, for an extraordinary experience in the great outdoors: the Rock of Solutré - Mont-Beuvray - the Bec d'Allier - the Rochers du Carnaval.

4 unmissable natural sites

Did you know?

The land of Christmas trees!

In France, 5.1 million natural fir trees are sold every year at Christmas.

A good share of these trees, of varying sizes, comes from the Morvan! It is the leading region in France for producing fir trees.

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Little slice of heaven

The lakes of Burgundy

A refreshing break!

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Reconnect with nature

Hiking and walks

Walking is just like good wine, in Burgundy it needs to be enjoyed at an easy-going pace.

The best walks in Burgundy

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