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Want to make everlasting memories amid the fresh air and spectacular beauty of the great outdoors? Burgundy is the solution, with opportunities galore to be moved by the sights that unfurl before your eyes :

  • Roche de Solutré: With its smaller neighbour, the Roche de Vergisson, this rock towers above the Mâcon vineyards to offer a breathtaking panoramic view.
  • Mont Beuvray: An incomparable and rather romantic viewpoint overlooking the Morvan
  • Bec d'Allier: The site’s moving sandbanks and the gentle current where it meets the river Allier create a scene of authentic wilderness.
  • Rochers du Carnaval: This intriguing site at the top of the Uchon massif is scattered with some curiously-shaped granite boulders.
  • Forêts National Park: This ancient forest of outstanding biodiversity lies between the Burgundy and Champagne regions. It is the eleventh and most recently created national park in France.

And much more...

Burgundy is, as you know, packed with natural sites. Some are famous and popular among the public, but there are also some little-known gems and secret places that deserve recognition... Follow this link to see all the picturesque natural sites of Burgundy:

Natural Sites

A whole world waiting to be explored

Caves 36 feet under the ground 

Beneath our feet hides a discreet and fabulous world. Welcome to the caves of Burgundy!

Soak up the intimate atmosphere as you travel thousands of years back in time for a disconcerting, almost mystical experience that really fires the imagination:

>> Prehistory, History, Archaeology, Geology, Potholing and the Environment are just a few of the topics covered during your guided tour of the Azé caves.

>> Moving evidence of the presence of prehistoric humans in the caves of Arcy-sur-Cure, such as this negative drawing of a child’s hand on the cave wall.

>> An amazing boat trip, hand-towed by your guide on an underground river flowing between and beneath the limestone concretions of the Bèze caves.

>> Plunged 80 metres beneath the surface into a maze of underground passages, to visit the impressive chambers of the Blanot caves.

Amazing ingenuity

Ingenious human creations

>> The Climats of the Burgundy vineyard, wine terroirs that have been carefully nurtured for thousands of years and recognised by UNESCO.

>> The fosse Dionne, in Tonnerre, is a karst spring that has kept the secret of its origins.


>> The canals of Burgundy, on foot, by bike or in a liveaboard boat, to explore and admire the Burgundy scenery at your own pace!

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Lakes of Burgundy

Burgundy’s lakes, be they natural or manmade, are an invitation to let nature burst (back) into your life. Here you can go fishing, swimming or birdwatching and enjoy various watersports. The choice is yours!

See all lakes of Burgundy

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