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World Heritage features

Look up and gaze in awe in the beautiful light of the Sainte-Marie-Madeline Basilica in Vézelay, appreciate the tranquillity and sheer beauty of the cloisters of Fontenay Abbey and La Charité-sur-Loire Priory, wander aimlessly amid the striking patchwork formed by the Climats of the Burgundy vineyards...

No doubt about it, these unique sites featuring in the UNESCO World Heritage list promise a moving experience you’ll never forget!

Visit the 4 UNESCO-listed sites
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Unique sites that take your breath away...

The ultimate Instagram material!

Don’t hesitate to go off the beaten track and explore every nook and cranny of Burgundy, because as you walk you may well be surprised by some photogenic gems along the way. A mysterious rock, an incredible panoramic view, an enchanted forest, a wild river, a tranquil stream or a sea of vines... there’s no limit to the beauty of the landscape here.

Look closely to make sure you miss nothing and keep those beautiful memories forever. Keep your ears open too, because the local residents are sure to enjoy telling you about a viewpoint, a secret path or some other hidden gem.

Discover the most beautiful natural sites of Burgundy

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NEW! Gastronomy venues

Burgundy is all about great food, togetherness and a passion for quality produce. Here, prepare for an experience that will stimulate all 5 senses and turn your holiday into a pleasant sensual experience. You’ll find yourself purring with delight at the taste of eggs Meurette, tickle your tastebuds with a sip of wine, amaze yourself in a chef’s masterclass, try delicious culinary specialities and much more. 

Welcome to our food and wine centres, true temples of the good life the Burgundy way: Cité Internationale du Vin & de la Gastronomie in Dijon, and Cité des Climats & Vins de Bourgogne, in Beaune, Chablis and Mâcon.

You’ll leave with enhanced knowledge and expertise!


For princesses and princes at heart

Palaces and castles

The dukes of Burgundy did a lot to spread far and wide the reputation of Burgundy during the Middle Ages and onwards... Preciously kept for posterity, many traces remain of that golden age: robust fortresses standing proudly on their headlands to protect the land, beautifully elegant Renaissance palaces of great wealth and power... In every part of Burgundy, the castles and palaces tell their story and take you into another dimension.

Check out the very best of Burgundy’s castles and palaces

Grandeur and diversity

Museum collections

Burgundy, like anywhere else, has a whole array of museums devoted to themes and topics of varying diversity.

A few of them, however, stand out from the crowd by showcasing unique distinguishing characteristics, culture, expertise or chapters of history specific to Burgundy. This makes them particularly moving places to visit because often, imaginatively and informatively, they place this beautiful land within your reach through invaluable displays that demonstrate an abundance of creativity, knowledge and superb collections.


The TOP 10 museums

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Musée de la photographie Nicéphore-Niépce Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Clarke Dhrace
Maison natale de Colette Clarke Dhrace
Corinne Vasselet | BFC Tourisme
Musée beaux arts, Dijon Corinne Vasselet | BFC Tourisme
vase de Vix - musée du pays du Chatillonais (21)
vase de Vix - musée du pays du Chatillonais (21) vase de Vix - musée du pays du Chatillonais (21)
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A long, long time ago...

Back to the beginnings of Burgundy’s history

As we all know, the history of Burgundy goes back a very long way. Some of the key events in the history of France took place in this region even before its accession to power: tribes once lived here, encountered and fought one another...

Each site, every uncovered vestige is a touching relic of our ancestors. And each site does all it can to allow you to relive the past, be it through an epic show of sound and light in Autun, a reconstitution in Alésia, a workshop in Bibracte, an exhibition in Châtillon-sur-Seine or at the foot of the Rock of Solutré.

No doubt about it, you’ll make lots of memories from another time!

5 must-see archaeology sites
Antoine Maillier-Centre archéologique européen de
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Charm rules!

Villages of Burgundy

You’re going to love stopping off in all the lovely villages dotted across the Burgundy landscape. With their twisting cobblestone alleys, half-timbered houses with colourful tiled roofs, little squares with fountains and arcades, rampart walls, romantic, flower-festooned gardens and much more, Burgundy’s villages ooze with charm right down to the tiniest detail.

Here, take the time to live the good life: lean on a drystone wall to meditate or just gaze out at the scenery, stroll about in the tranquil little streets, take a seat to sip a coffee on one of the terraces, listen to the water singing in the fountain, or stop at a market to stock up on fresh produce... 

The most picturesque villages of Burgundy

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For faith

Builders of genius

Burgundy is where the two monastic movements that dominated the Middle Ages began. So it’s no surprise that Burgundy is packed with religious buildings. Indeed, the prodigious construction of some of them was driven by the limitless faith of their builders. Of extraordinary beauty, purity and simplicity, even today they kindle admiration. 

Absolute must-see sights range from impressive cathedrals and basilicas and sensational, peaceful abbeys, to small churches and chapels whose steeples dominate the towns, villages and countryside of Burgundy. 

Check out the very best of Burgundy’s religious buildings
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Musée de la photographie Nicéphore-Niépce Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Maison natale de Colette Clarke Dhrace
Musée beaux arts, Dijon Corinne Vasselet | BFC Tourisme
vase de Vix - musée du pays du Chatillonais (21) vase de Vix - musée du pays du Chatillonais (21)
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