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Routes and itineraries !

Throughout the whole area, you can follow the various wine routes and other walking or cycling itineraries across the vineyards.

6 Burgundy wine routes to follow

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In Saône-et-Loire, remember to use the Route 71 application to plan your walk, with winemaking, gourmet and also cultural stops along the way.

Fancy hiking to really be at one with nature? Set off along the Route des Grands Crus (Route of the Great Wines) or one of the other trails with so much to discover. Our recommendation to always find the closest walk for you: use the "Balades en Bourgogne" mobile application.

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Bike rides

Would you prefer to go on a bike ride? The unmissable Voie des Vignes cycle path from Marsannay-la-Côte to Santenay will take you alongside vineyards and through some famous villages.

You will also enjoy the other long bicycle touring routes that cross through some of the vineyards: Voie Bleue, Greenway, EuroVélo 6.

Burgundy and the vineyards by bike
Follow a guide

A wine tour, full of encounters and discoveries

For an introduction to winemaking and to really understand the Burgundy vineyards, you will be accompanied by specialists on an exploration of the different appellations and to meet the winegrowers who are always delighted to share their expertise and know-how.

So come and follow these passionate professionals on a tour of Burgundy! Most of them also offer tours with games on the theme of wine.

All the wine tours

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10 visits to become unbeatable about Burgundy wines

Fun experiences, amusement parks, tours that call upon all the senses... these wine tourism attractions put the fascinating world of Burgundy wines within everyone’s reach!



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A ‘tasting’ experience

From theory to practical

Put your tastebuds to the test...

Wine can be appreciated through unique experiences as you explore the vineyard landscape, but there are other solutions too... In Burgundy, tasting is an art that can be acquired and nurtured at the wine estates and in the wine schools.

Climats, grape varieties, vinification and wine-tasting will hold no more secrets for the participants in our classes. Friendly, informative and within everyone’s reach, they offer the keys to appreciating and understanding this complex beverage in a pleasant, casual atmosphere.

What better person to tell you about wine than a winegrower? Visit the wine estates to meet the winegrowers in their tasting cellars and learn all about their work. 


The vineyard in a different light: unique and atypical activities

Air Escargot
From the skies

Get an aerial view of the vineyard

How about exploring the Burgundy vineyard from a whole other perspective? We can recommend a hot-air balloon ride or a flight aboard an ultralight glider, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience admiring the vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see... A memorable experience guaranteed!

Aboard an ultralight glider
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Have some family fun

Geocaching hike

Maybe you’re already familiar with the Couchois vineyard? If not, head for the Château de Couches for an 8-km hike assisted by a geolocated digital pad, to unveil the secrets of the Côtes du Couchois AOC. Along the trail, you’ll search for the nine carefully hidden keywords. A fabulous way to learn before you go and taste the estate’s wines!


Oenocaching at the Château de Couches
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Original picnics

Gourmet break in the midst of the vines

Here's a great idea: While you're spending a day exploring the Burgundy vineyard, why not turn it into an all-round gourmet experience surrounded by the vines! Either bring your own picnic or pick up a picnic hamper from a local restaurant that offers this service, accompanied by wine from the very vine plot you are sitting in.

Mid-September, when the vineyards are full of the colours of autumn, come to the Fantastic Picnic event! To take this experience even further, there are plenty of places in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (some of which are World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO) offering their own version of the picnic. You will of course find some of them in the midst of the vines.

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Climb up to the Rock of Solutré

Climbing up to the top of the Rock of Solutré is an experience you are sure not to regret. Especially when there is a tasting session waiting for you at the top, organised by Emmanuel from Enoculture for a climb that combines geology, archaeology and winemaking.


Hike up to the Rock of Solutré on the theme of winemaking
Not so sporty

On a Segway, electric bike or scooter

You could also try some more original (and less tiring!) means of transport, to experience something different as you explore the Burgundy vineyards. Here are some examples:

- IWitjh Cross Bee in Fuissé by electric moto or in Puligny on electric bike with Wine Bike Expérience

- In Cormatin and the surrounds ing area, the Bourgui Trott', off-road electric scooters with Les Balades d'Estelle.

- In the Côtes de Beaune and the Côtes de Nuits, a Segway tour with Mobilboard.

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