Time for a tour!

On the programme: presentation of the winery and production area, to learn all about:

  • the grape harvest
  • bottling
  • the winemaking process
  • fermentation
  • maturing and storage in barrels (the difference between stainless steel barrels and oak barrels)
  • the differences in production for white, red and sparkling wines
  • maturing and storage

After this tour of the wine cellar, some estates offer a tour of the vineyard, to understand the landscape, and maybe some other wine-themed activities depending on the time of year: grape harvest, sorting, bottling, etc.

Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme
Vendanges Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme
Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme
Cave à vins de Bourgogne Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme
Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme

Time to taste the wines

Choose a type of tasting:

o   Simple (1 or 2 wines)

o   Themed (only Grand Cru wines, wines from the "Climats" of Burgundy's vineyard, organic wines, combined with local specialities such as a traditional "mâchon", wine-food pairing, etc.)

Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme

o   Horizontal: several wines from the same appellation and the same vintage, to learn about the characteristics of a certain "terroir", the grape varieties and the vineyards.

o   Vertical: the same wine, from the same appellation, the same estate and the same grape varieties, but different vintages, to learn how to distinguish a young wine from a more matured one, and to make the difference between an average quality vintage, a good vintage, and an exceptional one.

Attend a wine tasting course

Recommendations of unmissable places

There are places with very different atmospheres where you can unveil all the secrets of Burgundy wines:

All the wine cellars of Burgundy

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Vendanges Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme
Cave à vins de Bourgogne Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme