The call of the forest

The best Mother Nature has to offer

Millions of trees, kilometres of hiking trails, rivers... Welcome to one of the biggest protected natural areas in Europe.

Visiting the Forêts National Park is about much more than just a walk: it is about getting up close with the wildlife here, in an exceptional, protected natural area.

It is also a chance to meet the passionate men and women who live there and carry out their trade. It is also the first National Park in France to be devoted to the forest... and its residents.

11th National Park in France
50 million trees
90% of ancient forests
600 km of rivers
200 km of hiking trails
1,000 km of MTB trails
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Parc National de Forêts A.Doire /BFCT
A.Doire /BFCT
Une belle randonnée A.Doire /BFCT
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A.Doire /BFCT
Parc National de Forêts A.Doire /BFCT
To protect!

Rare wildlife

The biodiversity of Forêts National Park has been widely recognised. There are some rare species here that we must protect for generations to come.

If you're lucky, you might see black storks. There are 5 or 6 pairs nesting there, representing 20% of the French population, that's how rare they are! They are now back in France after they left in the 19th century.

Another rare species: a snail of Burgundy, known as the Burgundy Cochlostoma!

There are also some extraordinary plant species here: in the undergrowth, you can find the superb Cypripedium calceolus (lady's-slipper orchid), and the sheer diversity of lichens is a sign of the good air quality in the forest.

For nature lovers

Hiking and guided outings

To gain a better understanding of this rare ecosystem, take part in one of the guided outings organised by the Maison du parc! You could for example:

>> Unveil the secrets of the Park's plants and animals,

>> take part in an educational hike or a walk with commentary,

>> learn how to recognise the different mushrooms,

>> climb the trees in complete safety and while respecting the tree.

Not-to-mention the Museum for an interactive exploration of the forest world, calling on all the senses!



All the ideas for nature outings
Parc du Morvan
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Eat and drink local products!

Our local specialities

While you're staying here, make sure you try the local specialities!
There are some delicious products on the menu:

>> Crémant de Bourgogne, sparkling rosé or white wine that is great as a pre-dinner drink,

>> sheep's milk cheese,

>> honey,

>> the Burgundy truffle,

>> and so much more!

All the local producers and products
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It's worth the detour

Some culture too!

After a revitalising walk through the forest, journey back in time at the Musée du Pays Châtillonnais-Trésor de Vix. 

You can admire the Lady of Vix's famous bronze vase that was discovered in 1953. You will be taken aback by its extraordinary size: 164 cm high and weighing 208 kgs, and a capacity of more than 1,000 litres! 

There is a free app that will take you on a 45-minute guided tour around the museum, to see 28 beautiful objects on display. 

Find out more about the museum and Vix Krater

Autumn is the best time of year to admire the colours and enjoy the pure air

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Parc National de Forêts A.Doire /BFCT
Une belle randonnée A.Doire /BFCT
Cigogne Noire Shutterstock-Ondrej-Prosicky
Parc National de Forêts A.Doire /BFCT