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Morvan is the green lung of Burgundy. This granite mountain range, with a peak at an altitude of 900 metres, is the closest mountainous area to Paris, less than 2 hours from the capital. It is home to some remarkable species and is covered with lakes and forests.

This area has been protected under the Regional Natural Park status since 1970 and visitors might just catch a glimpse of the kingfishers, grey herons and deer who have taken refuge here.

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A rush of adrenaline

The Morvan is most definitely heaven-on-earth for nature lovers, those looking to enjoy the great outdoors and fans of thrilling adventures. There is something for everyone here, with 1,500 km of hiking trails, 2,500 km of MTB trails, 1,500 km of horse riding trails, and 6 lakes!

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Exceptional views

Thanks to its geographical location, visitors can expect some fabulous views in the Morvan. It takes a bit of effort to reach Haut-Folin, Signal de Uchon and Mont-Beuvray, but the views are most definitely worth it!

Domaine de la Pierre Ronde : maison de Hobbits
Did you know?

Stay in a Hobbit's house

In Morvan, fans of author J.R.R. Tolkien can have their dreams come true: spend a night in a Hobbit's house. The Domaine de la Pierre Ronde campsite (Côte-d'Or) has recreated the fantastic world of Bilbo Baggins. They have thought of everything, down to the last decorative detailing of the thatched roof.

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A natural environment such as this is ideal for camping. In a tent or a mobile home, this is the perfect solution to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors, from dawn to sunset. To help you in your choice, here is our selection of the nicest campsites in the region.

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