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Canoeing and rafting in the Morvan

This is the ideal place for white water sports, thanks to the many torrents and rivers. Dense vegetation, rocks and rapids to cross over, the  Cure and the Chalaux have just as much to offer as the rivers in the Alps. Whether you choose rafting or hydrospeed, you're guaranteed a fun and thrilling experience. Fans of canoeing will enjoy the great lakes of the Morvan.

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

On foot in the Morvan

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Alain Doire

GR hiking trail and the iconic Mont-Beuvray

The many walks and GR® hiking trails through this wonderful, untouched natural environment mean it is a very popular place with walkers. We recommend that those who enjoy the combination of walking and refreshing breaks take the GR13® because it passes by some of the lakes in the area (Lac des Chamboux, Lac des Settons, etc.).

Fans of archaeology will want to climb up to Mont Beuvray. "GR® de Pays" and the Bibracte - Alésia trail will lead you on an exploration of the treasures of this peak, marked by the events of Ancient Times. It is in fact the ancient Gallic oppidum of Bibracte, capital of the Aedui Gallic tribe. It was right here that the Gallic chiefs gathered before Vercingetorix in the year 52 B.C.

Explore Mont-Beuvray
Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

MTB in the Morvan

Do you like braving the elements and taking on a new MTB challenge? In that case, the GTM (Great Morvan Crossing) is for you: 330 km of waymarked trails for a great sporting experience. You'll be riding up wooded hillsides, down into the deep valleys, crossing little rivers, riding along the shores of the magnificent lakes and admiring the breathtaking views along your way.


The Great Morvan Crossing

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Horse rides

An equestrian adventure

Prepare your horse because you can also explore Morvan on horseback! There are 600 km of waymarked horse riding trails that you can follow at your own pace, whether you are looking for a long exploration over several days or a short loop trail.

And if you fancy a spot of culture, opt for the Bibracte-Alésia trail. Combine your horse riding adventure with a journey back in time to the Gallo-Roman period. You will be riding along the same path as Vercingetorix in the year 52 B.C. to face Julius Caesar. An amazing historic adventure awaits you!

The Tour of Morvan on horseback

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