Day 1


Morning at the market

This is THE place to be on Monday mornings, to fill your baskets in a friendly atmosphere. The highlight of the market parades its red crest, blue feet and white feathers at the Bresse poultry market at the Place du Champ de Foire. Market stalls filled with local produce surround the church of Saint-Pierre and the Burgundian bell tower. The famous "rue aux 157 arcades" (street with 157 archways) is brought to life with clothes stalls, added to the usual shops under these impressive archways.

Our recommendations:

  • Sweet treat of the morning: the "corniotte", local sweet speciality
  • When the church bells ring at midday, it's the perfect time to go and taste some Bresse chicken, either roasted or served in a creamy sauce! Unless you'd prefer to try the traditional "tête de veau" (calf's head)! Some great places to try this local speciality are at Chez Alex, at La Mère Jouvenceau, or the Brasserie de l’Europe.

The Hôtel-Dieu (hospital formerly run by the Catholic church)

The Hôtel-Dieu and apothecary are must-sees of the town and are definitely worth the detour. There is a remarkable collection of Hispano-Moresque ware and pieces from Nevers, a one-of-a-kind collection of faience in Europe. The guided tour of this historic venue is fascinating!

Ideas of places to visit

DSL / Sandrine Guênerie

Capitain Zen

This is a little slice of heaven in the French countryside, for a complete change of scenery on a relaxing boat trip. Set off from La Truchère, where the rivers Saône and Seille meet, and hop aboard for a day on an electric boat. A relaxing experience on the Seille, a picnic on the riverbanks in a Natura 2000 area, classified thanks to its wonderful biodiversity. Or you could opt for a standard boat trip or enjoy the traditional festive atmosphere aboard the "Embarcadère" boat-restaurant and enjoy lunch in an atmosphere that echoes the French countryside.

"Embarcadère" restaurant and watersports centre
DSL / B-Wonder- Romain Rozot

Surprising Bresse houses

You'll instantly recognise these beautiful Bresse houses made from brick and timber frames. Come and admire some of our favourite ones! Don't miss the Saracen chimney at the Ferme du Champ Bressan and Musée du Terroir in Romenay. In the centre of the village, the workshop-gallery inside the mysterious leaning house is also a unique place to see! La Grange Rouge in La Chapelle-Naude is worth the detour, as is the Domaine Plissonnier in Saint-André-en-Bresse.

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Day 2

Château life

This Château-Ecomuseum is a beautiful, elegant place with impressive railings, moats, brick architecture, lantern turrets, grounds and deer. In the Ecomuseum, visitors can learn about the natural environment, archaeology, the history of Bresse Bourguignonne and there are also temporary exhibitions held here.

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DSL / Lyonel Chocat
Ideas of places to visit

Book Town

Are you looking for some books at bargain prices? In Cuisery, the "book town", the main road is a succession of book shops, book professionals, artisans and even record dealers. Paperbacks, old books, comic books, art books... book lovers will be spoilt for choice and are guaranteed to find what they're looking for!

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DSL/ Amédée de Almeida
Day 2

Cycling along the Voie Bressane cycle path

This is a great, easy-going itinerary across Bresse Bourguignonne! From Chalon-sur-Saône, ride along the peaceful Greenway through the countryside, that winds around corn fields, and past some traditional brick and rammed earth houses with timber frames. From Louhans, for the last 16 kilometres to Jura, you'll be cycling along a shaded path, through the woodland, past ponds and grain fields.

The Voie Bressane cycle path

Ideas for outings

Canoeing down the Seille

Hop aboard a canoe on the Seille. A timeless experience along this rural river, surrounded by woodland. The biodiversity of this wild, rural river is protected. From April to October, book your canoeing trip with Pagaies de la Bresse, departing from Ratenelle.

Pagaies de la Bresse club

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