The Pays Seine-et-Tilles

The superb surrounding area of the river Seine's sources…

North of the Dijon urban area, the Pays Seine-et-Tilles has a rich natural heritage, much of which has been officially recognised. The forest areas, greenery, meadows and tufaceous sources... Four forest areas here have been recognised as European Natura 2000 areas, namely Moloy, Francheville, Val Suzon and the Sources of the Ignon.

Double recognition for the Val Suzon which is also a classified natural zone of ecological interest, fauna and flora (ZNIEFF). This regional natural reserve, the first one in Burgundy, is known as the "little Switzerland of Burgundy" and features varied landscapes, including hills, rocky peaks and small valleys.

The "Balades en Bourgogne" application

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At Champagny school museum

Take a seat at one of the desks in this rural classroom and see what school was like here back then. The school mottos, maps, school books, lessons on the blackboard, everything is just as it was in 1856. Just next door, the tour ends inside the teacher's house.

Visiting the museum

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