The must-sees of the Auxois region

  • Fontenay Abbey, listed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO,
  • The medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois,
  • Flavigny-sur-Ozerain and Châteauneuf-en-Auxois (Two of the "Most Beautiful Villages of France"),
  • Montbard and the Musée & Parc Buffon, the Great Forge of Buffon,
  • The Château de Bussy-Rabutin, Château de Commarin and the MuséoParc Alésia among others.

All these places can be found alongside Burgundy Canal and we recommend you visit them while you're here.

Follow Burgundy Canal

Day 1 at the heart of the Auxois region

Something for everyone!

Ariane FORNIA / Itinera Magica
Julie HANN - BFC Tourisme
A leisurely stroll

Flavigny Village and the Fabrique des Anis de Flavigny

Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, and it is right here that the famous Anis de Flavigny sweets are made, and happen to be among the oldest sweets in France.

There is a great walk to do around the medieval town and some impressive viewpoints overlooking the superb vineyard.

A Carolingian crypt very close to the sweets factory is open all year round, as well as the little vintage-style museum and the Café des Anis.

In the morning on specific days, it is possible for visitors to see how these little sweets are made! The most difficult thing will be to choose from the various flavours!

Fabrique des Anis de Flavigny

Flavigny-sur-Ozerain winegrowing estate and vineyard

Since 1224, Flavigny has been a key location for winegrowing in France.

It is right here in this historic place, at the foot of Alesia oppidum, at the heart of Côte-d'Or, that the superb wines of the Auxois region are produced. Guided tours and tastings are organised.

Domaine de Flavigny
Côte-d'Or Tourisme - Rozenn Krebel
Severine Fornerot - BFC Tourisme

Are you with your family? Head for the Parc de l'Auxois

A lush green, 40-hectare park with more than 500 animals and 90 different species.

Some highlights of the visit are the great carnivores and the "immersive areas" where visitors can get up close to the animals.

In the summer, the picnic tables and swimming pool with slide are an added bonus for families with children!

Parc de l’Auxois

Are you a fan of design? Then go to the Centre Culturel Arcade

The Arcade association was founded in 1986 for the restoration of the Château de Sainte-Colombe-en-Auxois. They now organise annual exhibitions on the theme of design, displaying various families of objects and creations from local or international artists. Surprises await you both indoors and outdoors!

Centre Culturel Arcade
Day 2 at the heart of the Auxois region

Journey back in time

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
To the era of Vercingetorix

Village of Alise-Sainte-Reine and MuséoParc Alésia

Right at the top of the village, you'll find the Gallo-Roman ruins of the Alesia oppidum and a statue of Vercingetorix which was commissioned by Napoleon III (and which strangely enough also resembles him).

Down below, at the MuséoParc Alésia, the architecture is an impressive sight and there is a wide range of original experiences for the whole family. Various events and activities are organised all year round so that visitors can understand what happened here in the final battle between Caesar and Vercingetorix, the leader of the Gauls.

MuséoParc Alésia
BFC Tourisme
The era of the Sun King

Château de Bussy-Rabutin

Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy, unruly nobleman of the Sun King's court and Madame de Sévigné's cousin, was exiled here upon the orders of Louis XIV and spent his time decorating the family château, which is now owned by the French Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

The magnificent French-style gardens have been restored with fountains, flowerbeds surrounded by box trees, a plant maze and so much more. We highly recommend the guided tour, full of humour and anecdotes.

Château de Bussy-Rabutin
Day 3 at the heart of the Auxois region

Beautiful villages

Alain Doire/BFC Tourisme


This medieval town with orange roofing is more than half encircled by the river Armançon and was built on a pink granite bluff.

Once you enter the town through the Sauvigny and Guillier entrances, you'll come to the charming cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses, an elegant Gothic-style collegiate church, a powerful keep and the towers and fortifications built onto the rock. There's a market on Sunday mornings.

Town of Semur-en-Auxois
Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme

Epoisses, the château, and the cheese

The charming château is protected by a double enclosure, with a church, houses and dovecote with 3,000 nest holes (16th century), and has been enhanced throughout the centuries.

Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, the Prince of Condé, Madame de Sévigné and Chateaubriand are some of the famous guests to have come here.

As you walk through the grounds, you'll have some beautiful views of this magnificent estate. In the village, the factory outlet for the Epoisses cheese factory run by the brand Berthaut is worth a visit.

Château d’Époisses
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