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Recipes for Burgundian speciality dishes

Beef bourguignon, oeufs en meurette, etc. So many wonderful, well-known, regional dishes are associated with the word “Bourgogne” (Burgundy). Here are some of the authentic recipes for these unmissable speciality dishes!

Boeuf bourguignon

The famous beef bourguignon

Get your kitchen utensils ready because it’s time to prepare the ultimate beef bourguignon! 

Bernard Loiseau Chef recipe

Pôchouse: the very best of the rivers

Another Burgundian speciality, this time using the treasures of our rivers, is pôchouse.

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Oeufs en meurette

Enjoy these poached eggs served with the famous meurette sauce, a dish that originated in Burgundy.

The recipe
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Burgundy Snails

You’ve most likely already heard of the famous Burgundy snail which actually goes by the scientific name of Helix pomatia, and is also known as the Roman snail.

The traditional recipe for Burgundy snails involves stuffing them with butter, garlic and parsley before then cooking them in the oven. To be enjoyed piping hot with a glass of white wine! There are several local producers dotted all over Burgundy. 

Burgundy Snails
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The TOP gourmet tour

Blackcurrant, mustard, Epoisses cheese, Burgundy wines... To unveil all the secrets of Burgundy’s most iconic products, come and visit the producers who make them! Workshops and production sites open their doors for some delicious discoveries!

Savoury specialities side

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Burgundy mustard

Yes that’s right, in Burgundy we make mustard!

Since the late 2000s, a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) has certified that mustard seeds are grown and then mustard is made in the region of Burgundy.

Burgundy Mustard
Association des producteurs de Jambon du Morvan

Morvan ham

Morvan cured ham has a unique, subtle taste thanks to the mid-mountain climate in the Morvan and the long manufacturing process.

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Burgundy Ham Terrine

This is now a very popular speciality of Burgundy and is also referred to as Easter ham. Burgundy ham can be stored for several weeks before then being served for a family meal or casual dining with friends for example.

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A closer look at

Burgundy truffle

The Burgundy truffle is an excellent addition to any of your dishes thanks to the intense flavours and it can also be added to cured meats and cheeses. Its powerful scent can be detected by truffle hounds or pigs when it’s time to harvest the truffles in autumn. The truffle farms throughout Burgundy welcome visitors for truffle-hunting demonstrations and superb tasting sessions. Set off along the Truffle Route to unveil the secrets of this rare and precious commodity!

Embark on the Truffle Route in Burgundy


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Bresse chicken

Every Monday morning, come to Louhans, capital of Bresse Bourguignonne, in Saône-et-Loire, to see for yourself the market selling the famous Bresse chicken.

In December, come to the Glorieuses de Bresse, an agricultural event where local farmers are awarded prizes for their production. You can of course taste this product all year round at the region’s many restaurants. The Gauloise Blanche de Bresse had been certified as an AOC and then a PDO, which is recognition of the terroir and the expert know-how surrounding this breed of poultry.

It should also be said that Bresse chicken is the only poultry to be recognised by the French AOC Controlled Designation of Origin label.

Find out more about Bresse chicken
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Charolais beef

This beef is a choice product among chefs looking to showcase quality, local products, and it has been certified as an AOC for the Charolais breed, the terroir and expertise of the breeders.

Let’s go to the Maison du Charolais
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Époisses and other cheeses

Epoisses, Mâconnais, Soumaintrain, etc. What do all the cheeses of Burgundy have in common? Once you try them, you’re not likely to forget the taste!

We have selected our favourites for you! Bon appétit!

Browse the list of our favourite cheeses
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Fromage Epoisses (AOC et AOP)

Sweet specialities

When it comes to sweet specialities, Burgundy certainly has its fair share. Here they are:

  • The Anis de Flavigny: an "exceedingly good sweet" made in one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France
  • The Négus de Nevers: soft caramels with a chocolate flavour, coated in hard, shiny caramel.
  • Pain d'Epices: honey bread or mi-kong, originally from China, arrived in Burgundy in the 14th century thanks to Margaret of Flanders. This recipe has been adopted by several companies in Dijon, the most well-known of which is run by the Mulot & Petitjean family.
  • The Biscuiterie Mistral, founded in the 1950s in Semur-en-Auxois. There is a shop at the production site.
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Dijon blackcurrants are used to make all sorts of products

Fancy a glass of Kir®, a 100% local cocktail?

To make this cocktail, you'll need a glass of Bourgogne Aligoté and a dash of Crème de Cassis. Production is highly regulated for these products here, with two PGIs covering the region.

The Cassis de Dijon, created in the 19th century, was certified in 2013. In 2015, the regional production of “Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne” was certified with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

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A great bottle to bring out the best of the local products

There are so many winegrowing estates and wine cellars in Burgundy Come and meet the winegrowers who will be delighted to share their knowledge and passion for the vines. 

Our selection of wine cellars and estates


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