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Local products of Burgundy

Food lovers will be in their absolute element in Burgundy: Morvan, Charolais, Dijon and the surrounding area… There is such a wide range of local products here. While you're staying in Burgundy, you can taste products such as Bresse chicken, various sweet delights and more specific and very well-known products such as mustard!

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Pain d'épices and nonnettes

Honey bread or "mi-kong" was originally from China and arrived in Burgundy in the 14th century, thanks to Margaret of Flanders. Several companies from Dijon took over this recipe, the most well-known being Mulot & Petitjean.

Make sure you come and visit their factory, and taste the "nonnettes", little round pain d'épices cakes with a jam filling!

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When you taste Epoisses cheese, you won't forget it in a hurry! It is thanks to the special characteristics and intense aroma of this soft, washed rind, cow's milk cheese and its production that it has been listed as AOC and AOP (Protected Designation of Origin). Come and pay a visit to the Berthaut cheese factory in the village of Epoisses.

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Burgundy Snails

You have probably already heard of the famous Burgundy snails, which is also known as the Roman Snail, or by its scientific name, Helix Pomatia.

The traditional recipe for Burgundy snails is to add butter, garlic and parsley, before baking them in the oven. Come and taste them!

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Bresse Chicken

Come to Louhans, the capital of Bresse Bourguignonne, in Saône-et-Loire, every Monday morning to visit the famous Bresse poultry market.

The farming competition "Les Glorieuses de Bresse" is held every year in December, to award local producers for their efforts. All year round you can enjoy this product in the many restaurants in the area. The white Bresse Gauloise chicken has been awarded the AOC and then AOP labels, which is contributing to putting the expertise and "terroir" on the map, for this particular breed of poultry.

Please note: Bresse chicken is the only poultry to be recognised as AOC (Controlled Appellation of Origin).

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Burgundy Mustard

Everyone has heard of Dijon Mustard, the name of which refers to a manufacturing process since there isn't a controlled appellation of origin for this product.

Since the end of the 2000s, Burgundy Mustard has been classified with a Protected Geographic Indication which certifies that the mustard seeds and the manufacturing process all originate in Burgundy.

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Anis de Flavigny

The region's history and delicacies continue with these delicious little sweets, made in one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France! They were originally made by the monks of Flavigny Abbey, and over the centuries, the production location and the recipe for these little treats still have not changed.

The Anis de Flavigny now come in a variety of flavours (violet, liquorice, coffee, ...) but the basic recipe is still sugar syrup, natural aromas and aniseed.

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Charolais Beef

This beef is a favourite product of chefs looking for top quality, local products. It bears the AOC (Controlled Appellation of Origin) label for the Charolais breed, the "terroir" and the expertise of the breeders.

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The Négus from Nevers

A heavenly treat! If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you stop off in Nevers at the Maison au Négus to taste this chocolate flavoured soft caramel, with hard and shiny caramel coating.

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Cassis de Dijon (or Cassis de Bourgogne)

How about a 100% local Kir® cocktail?

You'll need a generous serving of Bourgogne Aligoté and some Crème de Cassis, with highly regulated production thanks to the two PGI labels in the local area.

Cassis de Dijon was created in the 19th century and was awarded the distinction in 2013. In 2015, the regional producers also managed to obtain the Protected Geographic Indication for Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne.

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Association des producteurs de Jambon du Morvan

Morvan Ham

Morvan cured ham has subtle flavours thanks to the climate in the hills of Morvan and the long manufacturing process.

This product is 100% from Morvan! The natural environment and the pure air of Morvan Regional Natural Park are the ideal conditions for producing other specialities such as honey, tomme cheese and another variety of cured meat, Aigolette.

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Burgundy Truffle

To decorate your dishes or to add a touch of power and elegance, the Truffe de Bourgogne (or its Latin name, tuber uncinatum) is the ideal product. The intense flavours can also be added to cured meats or cheese. Its strong scent attracts the dogs or pigs that are used to harvest the truffles in the autumn.

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Burgundy Ham Terrine

This speciality of Burgundy, also known as "Jambon Persillé", is a highly popular dish. It can be kept for several weeks and is often served for family gatherings or for an aperitif with friends (with a delicious glass of Bourgogne wine).

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