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A fascinating history

The origins of this famous sweet

It all began in the 11th century, in the crop fields managed by the monks of the abbey in the village of Flavigny. They are at the origin of the idea to coat aniseed in sugar syrup.

After the revolution, the monks fled their abbey. But 8 local people from the village carried on making these sweets, before the activity was taken over by the Troubat family in 1923.

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

Heading towards a new era

They became considerably more well known thanks to Jean Troubat, who decided to sell these aniseed sweets in the leading vending machines at train and metro stations and in the department stores of Paris, at funfairs and cinemas.

Fun fact: the tins were initially chosen so that the sweets wouldn't get damaged in vending machines.

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A living heritage company

Making Anis des Flavigny

To make the famous "exceedingly good sweet", the teams always follow the traditional artisanal recipe! The aniseed is coated for 15 days in delicately flavoured sugar syrup.

There is a flavour for everyone, thanks to the nine natural varieties: aniseed, orange, mint, liquorice, rose, violet, lemon, coffee and blackcurrant.

Did you know? A certified organic range has been added to the Anis de Flavigny production, based on the same recipe.

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Visit the "Fabrique" and the different areas

You can expect a whole host of new discoveries and sweet treats in Flavigny, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France!

There's so much to discover in and around the world of the Anis sweets:

  • The crypt at the abbey,
  • the Musée des Anis, where you'll find out about the shepherd who gave Anis sweets to the shepherdess in an effort to seduce her,
  • the current manufacturing site,
  • the Shop to taste and take these sweet souvenirs home with you,
  • the Café des Anis.

And now you can also visit the old packaging and shipping workshops, and take part in a scents workshop with the aroma laboratory.

Practical information for visiting the factory


Anis de Flavigny
Entrée dans la boutique des Anis de Flavigny
Entrée dans la boutique des Anis de Flavigny
Marc Troubat
De génération en génération depuis 1923

Catherine Troubat, dirigeante de l'entreprise familiale

Petite-fille de Jean TROUBAT, Catherine dirige la petite entreprise de 30 personnes aux côtés de sa soeur depuis la fin des années 90.

On luit doir l'ouverture du Musée, la mise en valeur de l'histoire du berger sur les boites et de la diversification des petites perles blanches sucrées.

Son attachement à cette société familiale et à la région et sa passion pour le voyage et les rencontres ont contribué à la notoriété de la structure à l'étranger et aux labellisations de celle-ci en tant qu' Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant et Site Remarquable du Goût.

Not-to-be-missed: the Auxois region

In the surrounding area of the Fabrique des Anis de Flavigny

When you come to visit the Fabrique des Anis de Flavigny, we highly recommend exploring the charming medieval village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain. Or why not stay in the region for a bit longer? The Pays de L'Auxois region may be small, but has some great surprises up its sleeve, especially if you are a fan of history! For those who are interested in Gallic history, come to Alesia. For those who prefer the Middle Ages, then head for Fontenay Abbey!

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Entrée dans la boutique des Anis de Flavigny

Anis de Flavigny