Day 1

Explore Dijon town centre

Office de Tourisme de Dijon
Make a wish

The "Parcours de la Chouette" (Owl Trail) with the children

As a family, follow the owls on the ground, engraved into gold-coloured plaques throughout the centre of Dijon, and race each other to see who can find the next one!

You can pick up the guide for this trail from the Tourist Office, or download the application on your smartphone.

Why an owl, you may ask? Because it's a symbol of the town: it can be found sculpted into a wall of Notre-Dame Church. According to legend, passers-by should touch it with their left hand and make a wish!

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Maison Millière
Look up

Maison Millière

Just next door, the children will be intrigued to see a tin cat and ceramic eagle owl on the roof of the Gothic-style house.

Here too, the legend of the owl of Dijon continues. After touching the owl on the church, don't look at the black cat, and the eagle owl will make sure your wish comes true.

Especially for children

In the town centre

Why not opt for a "Rallye Mômes" guided tour with Dijon Tourist Office or an outing with the "Visites du Jeune Téméraire" association whose goal is to promote the heritage sites of Burgundy in a fun and interactive way, especially for children. An example of a tour: a discovery trail with riddles to solve and a prize to win, a captivating outing for the whole family!

Right at the heart of Dijon, the children will love the merry-go-round at the Place François Rude and on a hot day, they will enjoy the fountains at the Place de la Libération, a pretty pedestrian town square.

Office de Tourisme de Dijon / Atelier Démoulin
Place de la Libération Office de Tourisme de Dijon / Atelier Démoulin
Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme
Carrousel Place François Rude à Dijon Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme
OT_Dijon / Atelier_Demoulin

Climb to the top of Philip-the-Good Tower...

Come and see for yourself if there are in fact 316 steps to climb, and admire the panoramic view of the town from the top!

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Day 2

Delicious treats and new discoveries

Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme

The Jardin des Sciences

Dijon's Jardin des Sciences is a superb place with a planetarium, a museum and a botanical garden all rolled into one. There's something for the whole family, to learn about the world all around us, in a fun way!

Discover the rich and modern biodiversity as you stroll through Arquebuse Botanical Garden, open all year round, and particularly impressive during the Fête de la Nature.

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Fabrique de pain d'épices Mulot et Petitjean
Your getaway comes to a close on a sweet note...

Mulot & Petitjean, ideal for children

They might be feeling a bit tired after all the adventures from the day before, so what could be better than a sweet treat at this pain d'épices (spice cake) factory, founded in 1796. Take a tour of the Mulot & Petitjean Fabrique de Pain d'Epices, to admire the beauty of the place, and take part in a workshop for children.

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Inspirations for a good night's sleep

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Place de la Libération Office de Tourisme de Dijon / Atelier Démoulin
Carrousel Place François Rude à Dijon Alain Doire / BFC Tourisme