Day 1, morning

Le Creusot, industrial town

Relive the passionate history of the town's industrial heritage. A history that was marked by two centuries of coal mining. Leading the way was the captain of the industry, the Schneider dynasty, the "Masters of the Forges", with an incredible story to tell.

The town of Le Creusot's history is closely tied to this family and the booming industry. Don't miss a tour of the Château de la Verrerie, former crystal works for Queen Marie-Antoinette:

  • the little theatre
  • Musée de l'Homme et de l'Industrie
  • the Pavillon de l'Industrie
  • the grounds of the Verrerie
Day 1, afternoon


Through Ceramics Valley and along the banks of the Canal du Centre, Montceau-les-Mines marina is a popular stopover for recreational boaters.
A stopover where you can:

  • learn about the history of mining
  • have lunch at the restaurant Jérome Brochot or Amaryllis Culinary Bistro
  • buy multi-coloured "made in Saône-et-Loire" socks to take home with you from Manufacture Perrin or go on a guided tour of the factory.
Day 2

Ideas of places to visit

Bourgogne Tourisme / Alain Doire

Villa Perrusson

This house is a lifesize catalogue in Ecuisses, a one-of-a-kind place devoted to the ceramics industry at the end of the 19th century.

The entire grounds are lavishly decorated and rather compelling. Look carefully because you'll see ceramics on all the hidden corners of the walls and roof.

You'll have to be patient a while longer until you can visit inside the villa, which has not yet revealed its decorative treasures within!

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Bourgogne Tourisme / Catherine Demoly

Musée de la Mine

Learn all about how the soot-covered miners worked at the Musée de la Mine in Blanzy. A moving historic tour awaits.

In the same location as the ancient Saint-Claude well, the museum portrays the life of the miners, from the miner's changing room, the machines room, the headframe, to a replica of an underground gallery.

There are sometimes former miners here to accompany visitors, for an even more moving experience that you'll never forget.

Musée de la Mine
Association du camion ancien

Old trucks collection

There's a crazy atmosphere at the Aillot factory, "old trucks gallery" in Montceau-les-Mines! Some fabulous big trucks are on display such as the BERLIET trucks from the films with actors Ventura, Belmondo, and Blier.

Come and experience an ancient factory from the 19th century, in an atypical place fuelled by the passion and heart and soul of the collector. As an added bonus, there are shows and concerts held here in the summer.

Aillot Factory – old trucks gallery
DSL / Véronique Givord

Breath-taking view

Climb up to the viewpoint at Mont Saint-Vincent at an altitude of 601 metres.

What an amazing view from the orientation table, not-to-mention the rest of this medieval village! Wander the picturesque streets and take in the peaceful atmosphere.

Venture inside the mother-of-pearl workshop, where many objects and items of jewellery are made. And don't waste your time looking for the church bell, because there isn't one!

Mont Saint-Vincent
Bourgogne Tourisme / Alain Doire

Everyone to the park!

Come to the Parc des Combes in Le Creusot for a day filled with laughter and thrills. There's so much fun to be had here on the 19 attractions.

Everything from gentle rides for the children to extreme thrills for the adults! From the summer toboganning to the canad’R and its 5G speed, from Vertingo to the Ferris Wheel, from the ride on a steam train to the rivers of the west, the whole family will have the time of their lives at this theme park.

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DSL / Cécile Leboucher

Company tour

In Montceau, come and take a tour of the Manufacture Perrin, socks and tights factory that is still operating today. Have you heard of Berthe aux Grands Pieds, Dagobert à l’Envers, and La Chaussette Française? A 45-min guided tour to see the French expertise behind this "made in Saône-et-Loire" company. Before leaving, make sure you pass through the outlet store for some bargains!

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