Town of the Dukes

A weekend in Dijon

If your knowledge of Dijon is limited to the mustard and Dukes of Burgundy, then it is high time you came to really explore this town, full of elegance and spice.

Pronounced "Ausserre"!

A Weekend in Auxerre

In just 2 and a half hours on the train from Paris, you'll be sitting on the banks of the Yonne sipping a Kir cocktail! A change of scenery guaranteed! The rest of your stay will be just as appealing: Saint-Etienne Cathedral, boat trip on a barge...



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Week-end à Beaune et visite des Hospices
The quintessence of Burgundian art-de-vivre

A weekend in Beaune

Beaune is the perfect example of French art-de-vivre: cobbled streets, remarkable heritage sites including the famous Hospices, pleasant wine-tasting cellars, shops on every street corner, all surrounded by a prestigious vineyard! It comes as no surprise that tourists from all over the world come here... including you!

Experience Beaune behind the scenes




A closer look at Le Creusot

In 1836, the Schneider brothers launched Le Creusot steel in Saône-et-Loire. At the time, as the industrial revolution was underway and the train business was developing, they began producing locomotives and railway tracks. This was the start of an empire, which is today centred around electricity. In the former Schneider family château, we can now visit the Musée de l’Homme et de l’Industrie.

Visit Le Creusot and its industrial heritage

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Week-end à Nevers : l'incontournable palais ducal
The stained-glass windows, earthenware, banks of the Loire…

A weekend in Nevers

Nevers is on the banks of the Loire and is not an exception to the rule that "wherever there is the Loire, there are Châteaus"! Besides the beautiful duke's palace, you'll be taken aback by the other highlights of this town: earthenware, good wine including the famous Pouilly-Fumé, boat trips, etc. You are in for some great new experiences.

Explore Nevers
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Un week-end à Nevers
Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Week-end à Mâcon : flâner en bord de Saône
A resemblance to the South of France

A weekend in Mâcon

The charming town of Mâcon is just 40 minutes from Lyon, and marks the passage between Rhône Valley and Burgundy. Explore the banks of the Saône on foot or by bicycle, admire the colourful façades, visit Musée Lamartine, the marina, you'll enjoy wandering around the town at your own pace.

Weekend in Mâcon: French poet Lamartine's town
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Country break

A weekend in Autun

Autun is a town in the countryside. After exploring the many Gallo-Roman ruins in the town, you'll be able to set off into the countryside towards the Rock of Solutré and further afield.

Country break in Autun
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