Day 1: a morning of sightseeing in

Autun, a Gallo-Roman town

Autun, Town of Art and History on the hills of Morvan, is full of charm and hidden treasures! Surrounded by walls, overlooked by a magnificent cathedral, it is very pleasant to wander around the high districts with narrow streets and half-timbered houses.

Make sure you stop to admire the impressive tympanum at Saint-Lazare Cathedral, created by Gislebertus! Take the time to watch "Revelation" at the nearby Espace Gislebertus. This 3D virtual tour of the sculpture is highly interesting and captivating!

Continue your exploration and sightseeing tour with the Gallo-Roman monuments:
- the Roman amphitheatre with a breath-taking view of the valley and lake
- the strange Janus Temple and the just as mysterious Pierre de Couhard
- Porte Saint-André and Porte d'Arroux

DSL / Nathalie Bonnetain
Evening show

Augustodunum "Shadows and light"

At the beginning of August every summer, when the sun goes down, come to watch Burgundy's great historic show at Autun Roman amphitheatre. A huge scene in the open-air where actors and volunteers comes together to produce a magical show of pyrotechnics, sound and lights! Relive the Gallic and Roman history of Burgundy on an extraordinary journey back in time.

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Day 1: afternoon at

Mont-Beuvray peak

Right up on the peak is Bibracte, a "Grand Site de France" and Gallic settlement hidden in the forest. An exceptional natural site with breath-taking views of Morvan. Along with a guide, you can explore:
- Mont-Beuvray Forest, an enchanting and mysterious place where you can walk in amongst the twisted, moss-covered beech trees,
- an archaeological site where archaeologists from all over Europe are always working on new discoveries, right before your eyes,
- an ultra-modern museum, perfectly blended into the natural environment, with a continually updated collection of objects found during excavations,
- a restaurant serving Gallic cuisine.

The Musée de Bibracte

Day 2

Ideas for visits nearby

Bourgogne Tourisme / Alain Doire

Château de Sully

Welcome to the biggest Renaissance château in southern Burgundy, and one of the most beautiful private châteaus in France.

The Château de Sully is impressive and resembles a fairytale castle!

The superb courtyard is THE kingdom for children who are mesmerised by the magical show-tours that take place all year round!

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Paldenshangpa Buddhist Temple

You're not dreaming, you are still in Burgundy! Nestled in Arroux Valley is a flamboyant Himalayan Buddhist temple, Paldenshangpa, the garden full of colourful banners, a Stupa and a fountain.

This admirable building has three floors, monumental statues of Buddhas, wall frescoes, and colourful friezes. A place devoted to meditation and tranquility!

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DSL / Globetrekkeuse

Rail bikes in Morvan

Cycling along the railway tracks! Come and explore the hills of Morvan on the "Vélorail du Morvan".

An original 22 km exploration along a rural and shaded trail, across fields and over hills, from Cordesse station to Igornay.

And if your legs are not feeling up to it, you will appreciate the electric assistance on your bike that will help you get over the hilly sections.

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Bourgogne Tourisme / Alain Doire

Carnaval Rocks in Uchon

This "Pearl of Morvan" offers an exceptional panoramic view from the granite rock formations of Uchon.

This site is both wild and magical! The Carnaval Rocks are hidden in amongst the beech forests, grassy areas and heathland. From there, there is a breath-taking view of Arroux wooded valley and the hills of Morvan.

Carnaval Rocks
Some of our favourites

Our recommendations

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MTB on the "Grande Traversée du Massif Central"

Autun and the surrounding area is the ideal playground for mountain bikers and hikers. That is what led to the GTMC, "Grande Traversée du Massif Central" mountain biking trail being created across Morvan!

From Autun, follow the markings for the connecting itinerary between Autun and La Tagnière. Along the MTB trail, where there are some great views, including the one from Uchon, which is made even more remarkable thanks to the granite rock formations and forest.

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