A selection for your autumn holiday

Where should we stay?

For autumn half-term, you'll be dreaming of cosy rooms to stay in, fireplaces, a spa, soft blankets and inviting and authentic decoration. In short, you'll want to feel good, and spend quality time with the children.

Browse our selection of carefully chosen establishments surrounded by the shimmering colours of autumn.

Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme
At the heart of the vineyards

The Fascinant Weekend

19 to 22 October 2024

Welcome to the vineyards! In each of Burgundy's vineyards, an action-packed experience awaits you, to explore the area in a different way. There are unique tours and tastings, fascinating workshops, and original events, all on the theme of wine.


Celebrate Halloween

You're in for a scare...

The autumn half-term is when the witches, monsters and spiders come out to play! We've organised some surprises for you, to celebrate Halloween…


The Fright Train

The Parc des Combes du Creusot pulls out all the stops for Halloween! This is a place where you'll hear shouting and laughing all year round thanks to the thrilling rides, and the Halloween programme of events is no exception, with the haunted tunnel, witch, special Halloween evening and much more. Thrills guaranteed!

The Fright Train

The Halloween Train

At Toucy train station, board the transpoyaudin ghost train for an incredible afternoon ride full of surprises. Top tip: make sure you book your seats because spaces are limited and the train will only be running for 3 days.

The Halloween Train

The monster hunt

Your children will love this treasure hunt in the town of Autun. It is in fact a monster hunt and your family of adventurers will need to capture and lock them up in a magical book of spells. The monster hunt is also a great way to explore the heritage sites of Autun and have some family fun at the same time.

The monsters hunt
The tastes and scents of our childhood

What a pleasure...

A mug of hot chocolate, a glass of cold milk, bread and jam or chocolate spread, biscuits... all these little treats whisk us back to our childhood memories! Enjoy some of the gourmet visits that will help you face the fact that the summer has ended!

Autumn is such a beautiful season...

Enjoy the spectacular natural environment

We'll never get tired of saying it, but Burgundy is so beautiful in the autumn half-term holidays (yes, we're not afraid to say how proud we are!), so come and make the most of it and explore the natural environment here.

Admire the migratory birds

At the Château de Meauce

On 26 October, make your way to Festi'grues, an animal photo festival at the Château de Meauce. This round castle with unique architecture is set in the midst of nature, close to the Bec d'Allier, an incredible, protected natural site

Find out more about Festi’grues
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Le Bec d'Allier
Michel Orriger
Jean-François Cornillon
Observe wild animals

At the Parc de Boutissaint

At the Parc de Boutissaint, you can expect a welcome change of scenery and an experience right at the heart of nature. Far from the noise and crowds, more than 400 wild animals roam about in total freedom. It's incredible to see mouflons, bisons, deer, etc. roaming around in their natural habitat! 

Parc Naturel de Boutissaint
Michel JOLY
Save the date

The festivities of the Hospices de Beaune wine auction

An unmissable experience!

While you're on holiday in autumn, check out the town of Beaune and plan for your next visit, during the festivities of the famous Hospices de Beaune wine auction. For the occasion, there is a fantastic atmosphere in the town and plenty of enjoyable activities to take part in, including tastings, music and folk dancing shows, sporting challenges, and so much more.


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Stay dry...

If it's raining

In autumn, it's likely to rain, be windy or a bit cold, so if that's the case, you can choose to stay warm indoors, and try out the many indoor activities and outings on offer.

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Tropical atmosphere

The greenhouses at the Parc du Moulin à Tan

Take refuge in the greenhouses if it's raining! At the heart of the exotic forest, children will turn into brave explorers and parents into botanists for the day!

When the sun comes out, you can go and explore the park, where there are plenty of things to do for children of all ages.

The greenhouses at the Parc du Moulin à Tan
Corinne Vasselet | BFC Tourisme
Visiting a museum in Dijon

The Fine Arts Museum

There's no better way to keep the children busy when it's raining than at the museum! The Fine Arts Museum in Dijon is the perfect place to show them some historic treasures. This palace of the dukes has been completely renovated and is a real pleasure, both for the venue and the collections inside. Explore to your heart's content, because admission is free!

The Fine Arts Museum in Dijon
At home in Cluny

The Escape Box

With the Escape Box, you can stay dry in your accommodation with the little ones and enjoy an activity together indoors. You can expect to have to really rack your brains to solve the riddles in this box. Awaken the Sherlock Holmes in your children!

An escape room in the comfort of your home!

Some ideas for half-term getaways!

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