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Day 1 - Morning

Visit to the wheat and bread museum and breadmaking workshop

Verdun-sur-le-Doubs and the local area is surrounded by vast cereal plains. In France, the first cereal cooperative silos were built in Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, in keeping with the dynamism of the agricultural sector in the Saône Doubs Bresse region.  

The wheat and bread museum in Verdun-sur-le-Doubs retraces the incredible adaptation of the wheat cultivation and transformation sector to technological evolutions. 

On certain dates, the museum invites visitors to try their hand at breadmaking. A chance to unveil a few secrets as well as make your own loaf.

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Try "pôchouse", a local speciality, at the Hostellerie Bourguignonne

A bucolic setting, great food and, above all, a chef with a passion for tradition who excels in the art of making pochouse, a local speciality based on freshwater fish. Hardly surprising in this region where several rivers meet.

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Pôchouse - Hostellerie Bourguigno
Restaurant non loin de Verdun sur le Doubs Innoveo
Hostellerie Bourguignonne Innoveo
Hostellerie Bourguignonne
Day 1 - Afternoon

Kayaking on the river Doubs

Before you take to the river Saône in Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, try the calm wilderness of the river Doubs. Shortly after embarking, your trip down the river will quickly make you switch off from the daily grind. 

During this kayak descent, you'll admire nature from a brand new angle and should have no difficulty spotting European bee-eaters, one of the iconic species of birds that nest along the river Doubs.

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Le Moulin d'Hauterive

Romantic night in a boutique hotel

A pond, a river, multiple varieties of trees, a swimming pool, a hammam and all that silence... In other words, the ideal setting for a romantic getaway.

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Day 2 Morning

Cycling on the Blueway along the river Saône

Following the river Saône most of the way, the Blueway cycle path offers an easy and safe way to cover the 25 km between Verdun-sur-le-Doubs and Chalon-sur-Saône.

You'll cycle at your own pace through charming villages packed with curiosities. A fabulous bike ride for two on this cycle path at the water's edge.

Day 2 - Afternoon

Bucolic walk around Pontoux lake

Discretion and total immersion are the watchwords for your outing to the great lake of Pontoux!

This sensitive natural space is home to a great density of birds, including the largest heron colony that can be observed in Burgundy. Once inside the observatory, your patience will be rewarded by a wildlife spectacle. 

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Tasting of Burgundy wines

A weekend in Burgundy wouldn't be complete without a tasting of the region's wines! Meet an expert with a passion for Burgundy wines in the old part of Verdun. Fabrice Reby knows them inside out and will select the best wines for you to sample and give your senses a treat.

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Pôchouse - Hostellerie Bourguigno
Restaurant non loin de Verdun sur le Doubs Innoveo
Hostellerie Bourguignonne Innoveo
Hostellerie Bourguignonne