Back to the roots...

The most natural of all the Morvan lakes

Do you know Pannecière lake? If not, then it's about time you did, as it has so much to offer: a deep breath of nature for a fabulous break in the tranquillity of the Morvan regional nature park.

Also known as Pannecière-Chaumard lake, it is the largest and most recent manmade lake in the Morvan park. It is essentially frequented by anglers and nature enthusiasts keen to observe the local plants and wildlife. Nevertheless, it is also a spot where you can take a dip (no lifeguards!) and enjoy various watersports.

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Pannecière, un écrin de nature Nièvre Tourisme
Ivan Alfier/Nièvre Tourisme
Pannecière, le paradis de la pêche Ivan Alfier/Nièvre Tourisme
Coucher de soleil sur Pannecière Bouttry
Pierre Demaillet/Nièvre Tourisme
Un écrin de verdure, Pannecière Pierre Demaillet/Nièvre Tourisme
WM guide de pêche Mangin
Rods and reels at the ready!

Fishing heaven

Deemed to be the Morvan lake most populated with fish, Pannecière lives up to its reputation. This Category 2 fishing spot, with banks stretching for 22 km around its 520 hectares, is home to perch, zander, carp, tench, pike and so on, much to the delight of fishing enthusiasts.

Whatever your level as an angler, treat yourself to a fishing experience, alone or in the company of an instructor who will offer precious advice and expert guidance.

Added bonus: for die-hard anglers, a night-time carp-fishing session is an absolute must!

William Mangin, your fishing guide
Grab your binoculars and camera!

The bird kingdom

A multitude of bird species have found sanctuary in this unspoilt natural haven.

You'll be able to observe them without disturbing them at the smaller Pannecière lake located a little higher up, by following the wooden trail on piles that has been built for that purpose. The information panels and riddles to solve along the way will help you to spot and identify the different species.

It should be noted that the population of this little Eden varies from season to season, as different species come and go throughout the year. An opportunity, and the perfect excuse, to come back time and time again!

Added bonus: for a truly magical experience, visit early in the morning, as the site gently comes back to life amid the soft sounds of nature.


Did you know?

This dam lake was created to mitigate the flood risks that could threaten Paris, which is why it is owned by this city.

More about the lake

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Put on your walking shoes!

GR® de Pays Grand Tour du Morvan hiking trail

Pannecière lake is on the itinerary of a long-distance hiking trail, the Grande Randonnée de Pays Grand Tour du Morvan.

A 232 km loop trail amid forests and nature, that passes close to the great Morvan lakes and can be followed in its entirety over several days or spilt up into smaller loops to make it easier for leisurely walkers.

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Fishing or hunting?

In search of crayfish...

The American crayfish is an invasive species that has made Pannecière lake its home, an invitation to fish or hunt for it. In crayfish bisque, hot off the grill or cold in a salad, this small freshwater crustacean can be enjoyed without moderation!

Come and try your luck at finding them under rocks or among the water plants, with the help of expert advice from your guide... A fun and informative activity to enjoy in summer with your friends or family.

Don't forget to sign up at Les Settons Tourist Office.


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Pannecière, un écrin de nature Nièvre Tourisme
Pannecière, le paradis de la pêche Ivan Alfier/Nièvre Tourisme
Coucher de soleil sur Pannecière Bouttry
Un écrin de verdure, Pannecière Pierre Demaillet/Nièvre Tourisme