Frédéric Doucet: deep roots and a passion for cooking

Franck Devisme

As the son of bistro-owners, chef Frédérique Doucet grew up in the very building that welcomes you today. Determined to carry on the family passion for cooking and hospitality, he spent his training with renowned chefs.

He loves the produce from the soils of Charolais, the region to which he returned to be near his parents who taught him how to run this establishment before he purchased it in 2007.

Ever since, with the help of his wife, Anne, he has shared his love for this region, as well as his culinary world. with visitors to his elegant establishment oozing with friendly warmth.

Gastronomy Valley

Gourmet trip between Dijon and Marseille

The Maison Doucet can be found in the Gastronomy Valley, a gourmet route between Dijon and Marseille.

This itinerary promises to reveal French culinary traditions and some great restaurants as well as the work of local farmers. 

Exploring the Gastronomy Valley

Maison Doucet
Staying at the Maison Doucet

4-star designer harmony in the Charolais

Located by a stream in the heart of a charming little village, the Maison Doucet is also an elegant hotel full of character.

The 17 rooms are a mix of contemporary style and high standards, beautifully personalised to create harmony and perfection in this unusual place that's ideal for a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a business trip.

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Dolce Vita the Burgundy way

Your Charolais getaway

Charolles: packed with all that Burgundy has to offer

The historic town of Charolles has no shortage of beautiful sites. Standing at a spot where 2 rivers meet, it features a whole array of flower-festooned footbridges that have earned it the nickname of "Little Venice of Charolais". Wander in the footsteps of Charles the Bold, pick your favourite piece of earthenware to take home as a souvenir, and make the most of nature's generosity. Between valleys, woods, streams and rivers, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Charolais museum

In the heart of the wooded countryside, the Charolais museum reveals all about the world-famous Charolais cattle breed. Come and visit the 3 sections devoted to different topics to find out what makes this meat so exceptionally tender. At the end of your visit you'll also be able to admire the panoramic view over the bocage landscape.

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