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The BEST Michelin-starred restaurants for 2024

Every year, restaurant chefs and their teams in France and across the world await with excitement and impatience - you've guessed it - the famous Michelin Guide! The sophisticated cuisine and fabulous products of Burgundy regularly get the region noticed by the panel of judges. Below you'll find the restaurants featuring among the 2-star and 3-star establishments in the 2024 edition.

1 Three Michelin stars

La Maison Lameloise - Chagny

La Maison Lameloise has been singing the praises of Burgundy gastronomy for nearly a century, proudly keeping the promise of its 3 stars first awarded by the Michelin Guide in 2007.

Eric Pras, the chef, has worked with the best. His traditional cuisine reflects all the generosity of Burgundy and his team welcome you in an inviting setting of natural stone and exposed beams, in the heart of the Burgundy vineyard.

See La Maison Lameloise

Cédric Burtin/L'Amaryllis
2 Committed

L'Amaryllis - Saint-Rémy

Chef Cédric Burtin, a local lad, places the focus on local producers and artisans of Burgundy. In a locavore approach, he cooks with  Charolais meats, local cheeses, home-grown vegetables and herbs, combining them in dishes that offer a whole culinary experience!

A commitment that has just been rewarded with a 2nd star in the 2023 Michelin Guide!

See L'Amaryllis

Jonathan THEVENET/BFC Tourisme
3 An institution

Le Relais Bernard Loiseau - Saulieu

The ultimate dining venue for epicureans in the Morvan region.

Talented chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant has successfully taken over from a chef who has left his mark on the history of French cuisine. Here you'll enjoy a blend of creative, intelligent dishes and Bernard Loiseau's great culinary classics, that truly merits its 2 stars in the 2024 Michelin Guide.

Another leg of this gastronomical journey awaits you at the other restaurants of the Bernard Loiseau Group, in Dijon or Beaune.

See Le Relais Bernard Loiseau

La Côte Saint-Jacques
4 Exceptional

La Côte Saint-Jacques - Joigny

On the outskirts of Paris, succumb to the temptation of a delicious meal, charming hospitality and a superb view over the river Yonne, all at this restaurant with two stars in the 2024 Michelin Guide.

Led by chef Jean-Michel Lorain, the team does wonders with seasonal produce from the kitchen garden or supplied by mostly local farmers. Having inherited a passion for cooking from his father and his grandmother, he now assures the continuity of their culinary excellence.

La Côte Saint-Jacques

Julien Faure/William Frachot
5 Imaginative

Restaurant William Frachot - Dijon

In an invitingly subdued atmosphere, the sophisticated cuisine and inventive dishes are created with the greatest respect for the product and its taste.

Having trained alongside Burgundy's greatest chefs and also in England and Canada, William Frachot's boldness and rigour earnt him a first Michelin star in 2003, followed by a second in 2013, thus validating his philosophy and gastronomical vision.

See Restaurant William Frachot


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