Crème de Cassis

Crème de Cassis is an iconic liqueur of Burgundy. It should be at least 15% alcohol and contain at least 400 grams of sugar per litre.

Cassis de Dijon bears a geographical indication and Crème de cassis de Bourgogne is PGI-certified.

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There's something for everyone in Burgundy!

  • Red berry liqueur, made by macerating various red berries, with a delightful red colour and a blend of interesting flavours.
  • Liqueur or Crème de Framboise.
  • Crème de Cerise or Guignolet, made using a variety of cherries.
  • Vineyard peach liqueur, made using wild fruit that has been growing for a long time in the region.
  • Sloe liqueur.
  • Ratafia de Bourgogne, made using Marc de Bourgogne or Fine de Bourgogne eau-de-vie.
Liqueurs Joannet Jean-Baptiste
In Arcenant

Liqueurs Jean-Baptiste Joannet

This family-run liqueur-making company has been producing a range of artisanal liqueurs since 1978. Come to their farm to taste the delicious products they make!

Liqueurs Jean-Baptiste Joannet
In Romanèche-Thorins

Liqueurs Jacoulot

The team from the Jacoulot cellar will be delighted to share their passion with you, and take you on a tour of their maturing cellar next to the shop, which is full of delicious products to take home with you.

Maison Jacoulot
In Nuits-Saint-Georges


On a tour at the Cassissium, you'll also discover the Védrenne liqueur-making company, find out about the secrets of their products and taste a range of liqueurs and syrups.

Why not take part in one of their cocktail-making workshops: an original idea for an evening out with friends!

Liqueurs Védrenne

Marc de Bourgogne and Fine de Bourgogne

These liqueurs are well known and certified under a Controlled Designation of Origin. There are around 300 producers making these liqueurs in a specific area of Burgundy.

Marc de Bourgogne is an eau-de-vie made from grape skins that have been pressed, and should be matured for at least 2 years.

Fine de Bourgogne is an eau-de-vie made from distilled wine.

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Liqueurs Joannet Jean-Baptiste
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