Day 1: departure from Decize,

Where the waters converge

You'll be starting from Decize, where Nivernais Canal meets Loire side canal. After hiring your trusty bikes from Gué du Loup, explore the town centre of Decize along the superb narrow streets, and make sure you visit the indoor market, full of different flavours!

Then you can set off along Loire side canal, the 196 km canal that flows between Decize and Briare. Head towards Fleury-sur-Loire where you will make your first stop at the restaurant La Halte Nautique! With the traditional "guinguette" style, on the banks of the canal, and the varied menu, you can recharge your batteries here before setting off again!

After this relaxing break, get back on your bikes and pedal towards Challuy where your host will be waiting for you for an overnight stay in a fabulous setting, on the water's edge, at the Pavillon. This bed & breakfast with 3 "épis" classification is inside a 19th century manor, with the perfect atmosphere to let your weary bodies recover.


Day 2,

Discover some fantastic views

The next day you'll be getting back on the path along the side canal. To finish your weekend, we suggest visiting Nevers. But before that, make a detour to the left, towards Guétin Aqueduct. This is one of the longest aqueducts in France, measuring 343 m, and marks the border between Burgundy and the Val de Loire, with a breath-taking view overlooking the majestic natural site, Bec d'Allier.

Admire the Bec d'Allier

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Day 2

To Nevers, Town of Art and History

After the breath-taking views, turn around and then head towards Nevers where your adventure along the canal will come to a close.

Stop off at La Promenade for lunch over the water. The outdoor seating area is in fact directly over the canal. You'll feel like you're eating on a boat.


Finally, after the junction you'll arrive in Nevers, over the majestic Loire river, with a breath-taking view of Saint-Cyr-et-Sainte-Julitte cathedral and the famous Duke's Palace.

You can wander the narrow streets of this town and admire the rich heritage, with town walls, medieval streets and superb monuments.

Explore Nevers
We hope you enjoyed your time here!

Always going the extra mile!

At the end of your weekend along the Loire side canal, you could easily catch a train back to Decize or maybe decide to carry on cycling along the Eurovélo 6 as far as Pouilly-sur-Loire... or even all the way to Nantes if you're feeling adventurous!

Carry on along the Eurovélo 6

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