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In perfect harmony with nature in the Morvan

Protected animal species, rare flowers, unspoilt areas... make sure you respect your surroundings as you explore the Morvan, the green lung of Burgundy.

Wander through the forests and remember that you are merely a guest here. Keep your eyes peeled and you might suddenly catch a glimpse of an animal. These moments when you are at one with nature are truly special ones.

Antoine Maillier
With a guide

A walking tour with Escargot Voyageur

Would you like to set off on a walking tour through the forests and meadows of the Morvan Regional Natural Park? With Olivier, a passionate guide, you can expect an immersive experience surrounded by local wildlife. You don't need to be an experienced walker for this outing, as this experience of nature is above all about a state of mind!

Go for a walk with Olivier

Our selection of places to stay

For an overnight stay between two fantastic outings: our recommendations of where to stay in the Morvan

Gites de France
In the Morvan

Gite and Bed & Breakfast

Sylvie welcomes you to this gite and bed & breakfast in the Morvan, very close to the Lac des Settons along the GR hiking trail.

This establishment is a member of the Great Morvan Crossing and so is fully equipped to welcome your horses and mountain bikes too.

La Maison des Roseaux
La Cabane verte
In the Morvan

Chalet on the shores of a lake

Dominique built the wooden chalets herself on the shores of the Lac des Settons and welcomes you all year round.

In this chalet surrounded by the peaceful environment, we bet you'll have a great night's sleep! New for this year: The Bistrot des Optimistes, but we'll stop there and let Dominique tell you the rest.

"La Cabane Verte" accommodation

A word from someone who is passionate about Burgundy

Short walks all over Burgundy

Our favourites for 100% freedom that are sure to be a hit

You can finally feel free, not have to look at your watch or your telephone, just decide which route you want to take, no fussing about. 3,2,1 breathe in and breathe out as you explore the footpaths of Burgundy. Hikers who are really passionate about Burgundy like to stop off on their way for some tree hugging!



With a donkey or a husky

What about the children?

In Burgundy, these walks and outings are not just your average monotonous walks, they are thrilling adventures. That's most likely thanks to your trusty companions, passionate guides or little furry friends!

Alain DOIRE/Bourgogne-Franche-Comte Tourisme
Your journey on foot continues

Across the most prestigious of the Burgundy vineyards

How would you like to see this thousand-year-old vineyard for yourself, on foot, and discover some of the best wines in the world? Sound tempting? Then let's go on a hike (87km) along the "GR des Grands Crus" (Great Wines hiking trail) between Dijon and Santenay!

The "GR des Grands Crus"

En résumé
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