Winter holiday

6 reasons to come to Burgundy in winter

This winter, instead of going to the mountains, why not come to Burgundy? It's easy to get here, there's lots to do, there are no crowds and the prices are affordable. In Burgundy you are guaranteed a successful winter holiday, with no aches and pains or fractures in sight!

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We've got plenty of cosy hideaways

In Burgundy, you don't need to go through the aches and pains of a day skiing on the slopes if you want to stay in cosy accommodation. Book to stay at our establishments with a spa, crackling fireplace and other luxury services, without having to play the exhausted skier.

Find your cosy accommodation

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It's not a complicated place to get to

Another piece of good news is that to get to Burgundy, you don't need to equip your car with all the additional equipment you would need if you were going into the mountains.

You don't need chains or snow tyres, just take the motorway or a train and you'll be with us in no time.

Getting to Burgundy

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The food is great here!

Let's be honest, the best thing about a day of skiing is when you get back into the warmth and enjoy a delicious cheese fondue with your loved ones. Something tells me that you'll like Burgundy's version of that: little gougères and Crémant sparkling wine before dinner, famous wines, Burgundy fondue, so what do you think?

Our local gastronomy

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There's so much to see and do!

The problem with a holiday in the mountains is that the programme is often the same: skiing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon. It could get a bit boring, don't you think?

So come to Burgundy! There are so many alternatives to choose from (classified villages, historic tours in the footsteps of Lamartine, etc.) that will make you want to drop everything to come here!

Begin with the must-sees!



Luxury and peace-and-quiet

Everyone likes a holiday at a ski resort as long as there's plenty of snow and not too many people on the slopes. The problem is that you can't often have the best of both worlds.

No worries, because in Burgundy you don't need snow for a successful winter holiday! Here, we can guarantee luxury and peace-and-quiet, with a glass of Burgundy wine in your hand, of course!


Affordable prices

The equipment, the ski passes, the latest trendy ski outfit, booking a 15 m² studio apartment at a ridiculous price, we all know that a skiing holiday is very expensive.

So why spend so much when you can have a great time in Burgundy for so much less? And if you forget your gloves, it's not a problem, whereas if you were in the mountains, this could ruin your trip!

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