A meal out in the great outdoors

Top 4 best places for a picnic

We are going to show you that a picnic in Burgundy can be so much more enjoyable than grabbing a quick sandwich from the motorway services, stuck between a lorry and someone's dog sniffing around your food! So get out your picnic blankets, wicker baskets and anything else you might need, and here are the 4 best places to go for a picnic in Burgundy, and enjoy a simple yet fabulous meal!

Antoine Maillier

At the top of Mont-Beuvray

Get ready for a magical experience. This Sunday, we're going for a last minute, romantic picnic, and to spend the afternoon in the sun.

Set off for Mont-Beuvray! Once you arrive at the top, it is so quiet, so green, and as for the view (if you're really lucky, you might see Mont Blanc in the distance)... When you think this idea for a simple picnic could turn out to be the highlight of the weekend...
All that's left to do is let the magic begin and just enjoy the moment!

Let's go for a picnic and explore Mont Beuvray

Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme

In Vézelay

We all have the same idea that a "successful" picnic is when it's a sunny day, with some delicious homemade dishes and a shaded area to be able to have an afternoon nap while the children play.

Once you've arrived in Vézelay, the question is: "Where shall we go?" In our opinion, the best place is in the shade of the Basilica of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, at the rear, with a view of Morvan down below! Sounds like an enjoyable afternoon, doesn't it?

Let's go for a picnic and explore Vézelay

DSL B-Wonder Romain Rozot

On the Butte de Suin

If a successful picnic in your eyes is all about family, relaxation and a great view, we have exactly what you need right here. The Butte de Suin is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon!

The peace-and-quiet of a vast shaded area with a 360° panoramic view over the Charolais and exploration of the orientation tower for the little ones, under the watchful eye of the "Guetteur" (watchman).

And if you feel like it, you could go for a stroll together after lunch to explore the area. The surrounding area is very beautiful and there's so much to see!

Let's go for a picnic and explore the Butte de Suin

Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme

In Saint-Romain

How about a picnic along the "Route des Grands Crus" (Route of the Great Wines). Head up to the highlands of Saint-Romain with a breathtaking view of the Burgundy vineyards on one side, and the cliffs on the other, you will be able to take some superb photos and get some much-needed fresh air!

As for the picnic, we recommend a basket full of Burgundy specialities: gougères and Burgundy ham, beef bourguignon terrine with Fallot mustard, "nonnettes" spice cake from Mulot et Petitjean and some Anis de Flavigny sweets to finish. All washed down with the local production from Alain Gras, Gilles Buisson, Arnaud Germain or François Rocault, some of the upcoming local winegrowers!

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