5 relaxing or revitalising experiences in Burgundy this autumn

Just 2 hours away from Paris, Burgundy is the secret refuge you've been waiting for, to kick off the autumn at a relaxing pace, surrounded by a radiant and glistening natural environment. Cycling through the sun-drenched vineyards, a peaceful hike in the footsteps of the pilgrims along the Way of St. James, slow tourism along the Saône or the Seille, and local dishes with a taste of the autumn. The days get shorter in autumn so there's yet another good reason to make the most of them!

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1 Feel like you've grown wings

Pedal through the vineyards

Come and enjoy the fantastic colours of the vines in autumn. The hillsides are covered in shades of gold and ruby. What better a way to explore these landscapes in the colours of the Indian summer, than by bike?

The aptly named "Voie des vignes" cycle route from Dijon to Santenay can be covered in 2 or 3 days (including breaks), to explore the most prestigious vineyards of Burgundy. On the menu: Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, some villages with promising names, and some great opportunities to taste the production (Meursault, Aloxe-Corton, Gevrey Chambertin, Pommard, etc.)

Here, a bicycle is much more than just a means of getting from A to B. You can expect an enjoyable and meditative experience!

Find out more about the Voie des Vignes

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2 Clear your mind

Go hiking in the footsteps of the pilgrims on the Way of St. James

The fog lifts at the foot of Vézelay and the "eternal hill". One last time, take a moment to admire this symbolic place in Christianity that has seen thousands of pilgrims pass through over the centuries. It's time to pick up your walking sticks and set off on an adventure along the Way of St. James.

You'll be walking across peaceful landscapes full of the colours of autumn. Walking through these surroundings is the ideal way to recharge your batteries and get the ultimate outdoor experience.

Your goal? La Charité-sur-Loire (4 days – 95 km from Vézelay), where you will come across another unmissable heritage site: the church of Notre-Dame, one of the biggest churches in France and a masterpiece of Roman architecture.

Walk along the Way of St. James

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3 Let go

Take in the forest atmosphere

Autumn is the perfect season for walking through the forest. It is such a soothing, natural experience! Especially when you choose to go to a National Park full of vast stretches of forests and a wide range of different trees (beech, oak, hornbeam, maple, etc.).

In the last national park in France to be created (the 11th), you are guaranteed the ultimate autumn experience. Imagine all these different trees with the flamboyant colours of autumn as an added bonus. The irresistable scent of the undergrowth, the leaves crunching underfoot, the delicate moss growing on the tree trunks, the joys of finding a mushroom…


Idea for a weekend in the forest

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4 Lift your anchor… and slow down the pace

Get a feel for slow tourism on the Saône or the Seille

A relaxing getaway on the waters of the Saône or the Seille this autumn. For a weekend or longer, hire a houseboat and set off down the river to explore Burgundy. The flamboyant autumn colours reflect onto the water. Prepare for some new discoveries and surprises along the way.  

One day, you can cycle to the nearest market (on the Seille, don't miss Louhans poultry market). The next day, moor your boat in Mâcon if you're on the Saône, or at La Truchère dam if you're on the Seille. Above all, just make sure you let the waters carry your along, at your own pace.

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5 Good food and drink

Gourmet getaway with the flavours of autumn

As the autumn fog and mist falls down upon France, treat yourself to a colourful experience at one of Burgundy's great restaurants. It is in fact at a restaurant that you can really experience the art-de-vivre of Burgundy. 

The chefs and restaurant owners know how to get the most out of the seasonal products: Morvan chestnuts, Burgundy truffles (yes that's right, it's not only in Perigord that you can find this treasure), grapes... As for the wine, it is easier said than done to choose from the region's remarkable wines.


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