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Top 12 fine-dining establishments in Burgundy

As you know, the wines of Burgundy are well known all over the globe, and well, the same applies to the food here! To appreciate a good wine, it should be paired with good food that has been perfectly prepared. Gastronomy is very important in Burgundy and goes hand-in-hand with conviviality and excellence. There is a wide range of local specialities, local products and plenty of top-quality restaurants run by renowned chefs. Here is a selection of 12 fine-dining establishments that should not be missed while you're staying here.

Plat - Lameloise
Maison Lameloise/Flore Deronzier
1 Three Michelin stars

La Maison Lameloise between Chalon-sur-Saône and Beaune

La Maison Lameloise is in Chagny, a town full of water and greenery, and has been an ode to Burgundian gastronomy for almost a century. In 2007, this establishment was awarded 3 stars by the Michelin Guide.

The chef Eric Pras has worked alongside some of the greatest chefs (the Troisgros brothers, Paul Bocus,  Bernard Loiseau). Burgundian tradition is passed on through all the dishes he generously concocts.

La Maison Lameloise welcomes you at the heart of the Burgundy vineyard, in a warm and inviting setting with traditional stones and visible wooden beams.

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Salle du Relais Bernard Loiseau
Matthieu Cellard
2 An institution

Le Relais Bernard Loiseau in the centre of Burgundy

The restaurant La Côte d’Or du Relais Bernard Loiseau is in Saulieu, and is an unmissable place for all food lovers. The talented chef Patrick Bertron successfully took over from a chef who made his mark on the history of French cuisine. You can expect creative and intelligent cuisine, combined with the culinary traditions of Bernard Loiseau.

You can then continue on this gourmet voyage at the other restaurants in the Bernard Loiseau Group in Dijon and Beaune.

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La Côte Saint-Jacques
La Côte Saint Jacques / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme
3 Exceptional cuisine

La Côte Saint-Jacques on the banks of the Yonne

The restaurant La Côte Saint-Jacques is an amazing place, with great food, and not far from Paris. Enjoy the superb view over the Yonne and fantastic service for a delicious meal at this establishment with two Michelin stars.

Chef Jean-Michel Lorain is in charge of the kitchen and together with his team, they use the products from their own vegetable garden and use local producers wherever possible. This chef inherited his passion for cooking from his father and his grandmother, and he is behind the excellent quality of this warm and welcoming establishment. Of his memorable dishes, we particularly recommend the Bresse chicken with  Champagne sauce.

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Jean-Michel Couron
4 A safe bet

Jean-Michel Couron in Nevers

The restaurant Jean-Michel Couron in the centre of Nevers serves traditional and elegant cuisine. The chef concocts dishes that are meticulously brought together, taking inspiration from his various experiences, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

All dishes are accompanied with homemade bread and each one is more delicious than the last, made almost entirely with local products. This is a welcoming place, decorated in a simple yet beautiful style, where you're guaranteed a top-quality meal, while you're staying in the area.

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Christophe Fouquin
5 Great quality cuisine

L’Empreinte in southern Burgundy

The restaurant L’Empreinte was very quickly awarded a Michelin star, and owes its success to an extremely dynamic couple from Auvergne and Burgundy. Thanks to their experience in prestigious establishments, they combined their talent and then skilfully added a touch of modernity to the Tour Rouge in Buxy, a classified building dating from the 11th century.

We recommend the pork from Clavisy Farm and the original desserts such as the one made with slightly smoked chocolate, mango and sesame, and goat's milk ice cream.

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chateau vault de lugny
Château de Vault-de-Lugny
6 Modern cuisine with an exotic touch

Le Château de Vault-de-Lugny in the Yonne

Since 2008 the kitchens at the Château de Vault-de-Lugny have been run by Franco Bowanee, who was trained in Mauritius and worked in Washington, Paris, and alongside Paul Bocuse.

The restaurant has been awarded 1 Michelin star, and serves creative cuisine, made using top-quality products from the castle's own vegetable garden and regional producers, with an added touch of Mauritius.

You are sure to enjoy a peaceful stay in the Yonne, made even more enjoyable thanks to the vast grounds of the castle and its multiple influences.

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Salle de la Table d'Hôte
Table d'Hôte
7 Flawless and sustainable cuisine

La Rôtisserie du Chambertin along the Route of the Great Wines

La Table d’Hôte has been awarded a Michelin star and offers a single set menu, for lunch and dinner, using the very best of ingredients.

Chef Thomas Collomb and his team have also been recognised by Michelin for their "commitment to sustainable gastronomy". For them, seasonality is of the utmost importance and they are mindful as to where the products come from. 

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Frédéric Doucet
Pays Charolais Brionnais/Jean-Luc Petit
8 The love for great products and technique

La Maison Doucet at the heart of the Charolais

In southern Burgundy, chef Frédéric Doucet concocts dishes that are both traditional and creative. His cuisine is inspired by his extensive experience alongside his father and great chefs such as Pierre Orsi, Paul Bocuse and the Troisgros brothers.

La Maison Doucet, in Charolles, showcases a terroir full of great products such as the famous Charolais beef, Bresse chicken, and vegetables from their own vegetable garden.

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Le Château de Courban dont la table est étoilée au guide Michelin
Côte-d'Or Tourisme - Rozenn Krebel
9 An ode to Burgundian culinary heritage

Le Château de Courban in northern Burgundy

Treat yourself to a meal at the Château de Courban, a great establishment with delicious food and a "country chic" atmosphere!

Since he began working at the Château de Courban, chef Takashi Kinoshita was named Gault & Millau Young Talent in 2017. The following year, the restaurant was awarded the famous "macaron" (star) by the Michelin guide. This reward comes as no surprise as the cuisine here is always absolutely perfect and refined.

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La Madeleine
Office de Tourisme de Sens et du Sénonais
10 Authentic cuisine

La Madeleine in the centre of Sens

La Madeleine is a Michelin-starred restaurant in an ideal location, in the centre of Sens on the banks of the river.

The chef Patrick Gauthier proposes dishes with some delicious flavours. Throughout your meal, you'll be presented with sincere, gourmet-style cuisine, in a warm and intimate setting. On the menu you'll find top-quality products from the market, and the menu will change depending on the season. To make this moment even more special, there is a wine cellar (with some top chablis vintage wines) and... 4 cheese trolleys.

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Salle du restaurant - Domaine de Rymska
Domaine de Rymska_2018 / Arnaud Dauphin
11 Local products first and foremost

Le Domaine de Rymska between Chalon-sur-Saône and Autun

If you strongly believe in short circuits, then come and discover the Le Domaine de Rymska restaurant.

La Table de Rymska serves top-quality products, mainly from the estate's farm (Charolais beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, fruit from the orchard, vegetables from the garden), that chef Jérémie Muller turns into delicious dishes.

Indoors, a warm and inviting atmosphere awaits you, and outdoors, the ambiance is magical. There's a farm, a vegetable garden and 80 hectares of lush-green grounds.

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Jérôme Raymond
La Table de Jérôme
12 Modern and inventive cuisine

La Table de Jérôme in the Morvan

La Table de Jérôme is in the south of the Morvan Regional Natural Park, in Luzy, a naturally charming place.

The restaurant serves gourmet cuisine that is full of elegance and originality, and varies with the seasons. The chef Jérôme Raymond uses local products as a priority, particularly Charolais beef. Treat yourselves and come and taste the chef's traditional Burgundian dishes with his own original added touch.

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