Burgundy, my favourite region

I have lived in the south of Dijon for 6 years and I am originally from southern Burgundy. I work in communication and I also have an Instagram account where I post photos of the region and other things such as my recommendations and ideas for outings.

A desire to share

First of all, I wanted to promote the region on social networks. I was already doing it to a certain extent for my job, but I wanted to take it further. That's how the idea to open this account came about. I post about places I like and new discoveries that I want to share with other people, so they can also benefit from this experience. On my account, you'll find recommendations for restaurants, ideas for outings with children, walks, hikes, scenery and quite a lot of architecture. Basically, everything that showcases our beautiful region!

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Panorama sur les collines de Bourgogne à l’automne
My Destination, BFC Tourisme

It's possible to stay for one or two weeks in Burgundy without ever getting bored. There's always something to see and do...!”

Burgundy according to Mylène

Even if it sounds a bit exaggerated, I'd say it's the most beautiful region in the world! This region has absolutely everything. You have the countryside, the town, vineyards, forests, the mountain, lakes, places to walk, etc. It's a region with so many treasures to explore, there are so many heritage sites, such as Romanesque churches, châteaus, and caves. This is why I love the region so much.

Looking for inspiration

To find all the best places to go, I look for them and then I test them out of course! I am always looking for new treasures. I also look at what the other bloggers and influencers in this area are doing. I follow the region's locals on social media too, such as the craftspeople, restaurant owners, shop owners, etc.

Burgundy according to Mylène

Vignoble du Mâconnais
My Destination /BFCT
Vignoble du Mâconnais My Destination /BFCT
Les tuiles vernissées de Dijon
My Destination
Les tuiles vernissées de Dijon My Destination

Autumn in Burgundy is...

I think autumn is the most beautiful season in the most beautiful region.

Château du Clos de Vougeot à l'automne
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The first signs of autumn

I have to admit that autumn comes to Burgundy quite early on. At the end of August, we already start to see some tell-tale signs such as the mist, leaves starting to fall and change colour. The temperatures start to drop. I really like the Indian summer in September, thanks to the mild temperatures and easy-going atmosphere.

“I think autumn is the most beautiful season in the most beautiful region.”

Château de La Rochepot
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A season of peace-and-quiet and contemplation

Nature slows down in autumn, so people naturally slow down too. We take more time to walk, admire their surroundings, the climate, the easy-going atmosphere, everything encourages us to enjoy each moment.

La Roche de Solutré
My Destination / BFCT

The best walks in autumn

My favourite place in autumn is the Rock of Solutré.

It is easily accessible and the walk to the top is fairly easy. The vines have turned a shade of gold and the view from the top is breathtaking!

I also like to do the Circuit des Cabottes in Pernand-Vergelesses with my children. This walk takes you past the little drystone shelters that winegrowers once used to store their tools, the children find them fascinating! We also like going to the village of Saint-Romain, south of Beaune, to see the ruins, stone houses and magnificent cliffs!



Les brumes automnales au-dessus de la campagne bourguignonne
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Mylène will guide you...

All about the food...

As for food, my favourite place at the moment is La Table du Square in Beaune. It is a small restaurant with top-quality cuisine, but remains accessible for people who are not used to fine-dining establishments. They've got an incredible wine list, the staff are so friendly and it is such a great place. The menu changes very often but the dishes are always seasonal, with local products.

My favourite dish is beef bourguignon. It's a classic local dish and it's such a pleasure to come home in the evening and smell it bubbling away on the hob, for a great evening with a good bottle of wine.


A place I haven't tried yet is the Train des Rêves in Dracy-Saint-Loup. It is a former train station with renovated wagons, including one from the Orient Express. This place is guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories of your stay in Burgundy.

There are also two craftspeople I would highly recommend in Burgundy! La Dinette d’Alberte, in Dijon. This is a young woman who decided on a career change and now makes pretty objects from ceramic. The other one is Destin d’une Brindille in Gevrey-Chambertin, where you'll find some exceptional creations made from plants and various objects found in nature!

To find out more, you can follow my account @mylenefargeot on Instagram! 


Welcome to La Table du Square, a favourite of Mylène's! 

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Vignoble du Mâconnais My Destination /BFCT
Les tuiles vernissées de Dijon My Destination
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