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A revitalising break in the Morvan in autumn

The Morvan is the perfect destination to improve your well-being and to embrace the dazzling natural environment. Escape to the heart of the Morvan forest, unwind at the Spa Loiseau des Sens, experience château life for a day, stare in wonder at the views made all the more magnificent with autumn colours, it's time to take some time out!

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Explore the Lac des Settons, minus the water

This is a sight that you’ll only see once every 12 years or so, and it began on 16 August 2022. We are talking about the process of emptying the ‘Lac des Chettons’ as it is known by the locals of Morvan. This significant job will take several months and it means that France’s most ancient dam, built in 1855, can undergo renovation work!

During this operation, don’t panic because you can still enjoy the activities around the lake, including cycling or off-road electric scooter rides!

The process of refilling the lake will begin in winter and watersports are expected to resume during the spring holidays of 2023!

Find out more about the Lac des Settons 


Exploring the 5 other lakes in Morvan

Not to worry, there are other lakes in the Morvan besides the Lac des Settons! Come and explore the area in autumn and see for yourselves the 5 other artificial lakes that were created in the 19th and 20th centuries, all of them very different.

Whether you are a fan of fishing, hiking or you are just looking to embrace the peaceful atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed with the Lac de Pannecière, Lac de Saint-Agnan (dubbed the ‘Little Canada’), Lac de Chaumeçon, Lac du Crescent and the Lac de Chamboux.


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Une nature exceptionnelle à contempler

Admire the beautiful light over Mont Beuvray

It is autumn, and with this season comes the beautiful lights and a sun that may not be as hot but it is still there! Come to Mont Beuvray to celebrate the beautiful, sunny days of the Indian summer.

Standing at a peak of 821 m, this is the place to be to embrace the pure mountain air and take advantage of the last rays of warm sun on your cheeks, guaranteed to put you in a great mood.

The added bonus is the magnificent view of the Morvan that stretches out before you. On a clear day, you'll be able to see all the way to the Jura mountains and even the Alps.

Mont Beuvray

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Treat yourself at a state-of-the-art Spa

When the cold weather starts to arrive, everyone feels the need, more than ever, for some pampering.

The Spa du Relais Bernard Loiseau (5-star establishment at the entrance to the Morvan) boasts the very latest state-of-the-art equipment and an environment that is perfect for wellness: private garden, indoor and outdoor pools, Michelin-starred restaurant, everything you could possibly need to give yourself the boost you need.

Spa Loiseau des Sens

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Embrace the forest

The forests of the Morvan are filled with dark and sumptuous fir trees, as well as deciduous trees adorned with the magnificent colours of autumn. They are an invitation to touch, feel, taste and wonder.

The irresistible woodland scent, the crunchy dead leaves underfoot, the soft moss growing on the tree trunks, the joy of finding a mushroom... there's nothing better than a walk through one of the many forests of the Morvan, that have been made use of and looked after by mankind through the ages.

Weekend in the forests of the Morvan

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Experience château life

And at not just any château. The Château de Bazoches is the former family residence of the famous Vauban. He came here to study and relax, far from watchful eyes at the court and the violence of war.

Stop by Vauban's study and imagine him sitting there, designing one of his works. Wander around the gallery where he would gather his engineers to work on creating his powerful fortifications. Explore the reception rooms, antechamber and library and then end your tour in the park designed by landscape architect André Le Nôtre.

The Château de Bazoches

Domaine de Corcelles

Explore on horseback

Who doesn’t dream of galloping along with the wind in your hair? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you’ll love riding through the Morvan countryside with Nathalie, an equestrian tourism guide, and her husband Simon.

As you trot along at your own pace, you’ll be able to admire the colours and scents of the autumn landscapes. Why not stay a while longer and book an equestrian-themed weekend getaway at the holiday gite or guestrooms here?

Come riding at the Domaine de Courcelles

Jérôme Champagnat

Ride along the winding country roads on an electric bike

You don’t need to be sporty or experienced to enjoy an outing on these comfortable electric bikes, and there are no gears to change! We recommend going at a leisurely pace, so that you never have to make too much of an effort.

An electric bike is a means of transport adapted to everyone, and ideal for exploring the hilly Morvan and the banks of Nivernais canal.

Take advantage of your ride through the blazing colours of the autumn scenery to maybe collect a few chestnuts on the way. You might even be lucky enough to hear the bellowing stags in the distance.

Hire electric bikes at Cyclo Déchaîné

Vélorail du Bazois-Morvan

Try out the railbike

How about riding an electric bike along a former railroad track, for a 2/3-hour exploration of the natural environment during your weekend getaway?

You will appreciate listening only to the sound of your bike on the tracks, as you admire the colours of the Morvan in autumn.

It’s a highly enjoyable experience riding along the 24-km railbike track, through the woodland in this unspoilt natural environment!

Find out more about railbiking in Bazois-Morvan

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