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A huge network of rivers across Europe

Since the 17th century, Burgundy has been shaping the biggest network of waterways in France. From log floaters to wine transport, each canal can tell you all about the history of the sailors there, and is worth the detour.

Cast off and just let the waters carry you. Along the way, you can stop off wherever you feel like it, maybe take advantage of the locks to stop and walk along the towpaths and make some new discoveries.

Le Boat
Tourisme fluvial
Tourisme fluvial
For a few hours

Boat trips

There are almost 1,200 km of waterways here. For a few hours or a whole day, the short boat trips are ideal to discover the first locks on the Burgundy Canal or the Canal du Centre

Set sail!
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For a few days

A spot of luxury

Are you looking for a spot of luxury and the ultimate comfort? Treat yourself to a touch of elegance on a barge-hotel or the cruise boats that stop in Tournus, Chalon-sur-Saône or Mâcon.

Sleep on a barge
House on the water

Sail and sleep on a boat

Why not choose to stay on a houseboat, They are equipped to accommodate 4 to 12 people. Easy to manoeuver and no need for a boat permit. You can be your own captain on a family cruise.

5 good reasons to stay aboard a small barge



The river cruises and water sports in Burgundy are naturally eco-friendly and so contribute to sustainable development. Along the rivers or canals,some of the cruise boats are solar-powered!

The signs put in place by the "écopagayeurs" are there for fans of canoeing and kayaking, and they provide detailed information about the wildlife of the Loire and the Saône. A different way to experience the natural environment...

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