At the heart of a Burgundy vineyard

The vineyards of Burgundy create beautiful scenery that automatically makes you feel at peace. Add a wellness break at one of the spas at the heart of the vineyard to your wine tourism experience, for even more wonderful memories and beautiful images of your trip to take home with you.

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In Southern Burgundy, in the Beaujolais

Spa des Vignes

The name of this spa says it all!

Nestled at the heart of the Beaujolais vineyard in Burgundy, the Les Maritonnes 3-star hotel offers you a peaceful and relaxing experience. Massages, body treatments and facials all using high-performance cosmetics from the brand Sym Biologic System©. 100% natural and 100% French products.

You will also have access to an indoor/outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, panoramic sauna, steam room, relaxation area, herbal teas and a gym.

Our favourite: the massages for two and the panoramic sauna with an unbeatable view of the vineyard.

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In Meursault, in the Côte de Beaune

Spa de Fruitithérapie®

While you're staying in Burgundy, treat yourselves to a wellness break at the heart of the vineyard at the La Cueillette 4-star hotel spa. You can expect a totally unique, 100% Burgundian experience thanks to the Fruitithérapie® treatments. The beauty and wellness treatments all use a range of cosmetics that was made right here in Burgundy. A wonderful blend of organic red berries, honey and grapeseed oil devoted to your skin.

But that is not all, you will also have access to 500 m² of wellness facilities, including an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, herbal teas and a solarium.

Our favourite: the "Jolie Maman" and "Fruitikid" treatments for future mothers and young children from the age of 4. 


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Slow down the pace!

In town

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You'll no longer need to hesitate about exploring every corner of the towns of Burgundy, because you can then take some time out to relax and unwind in the fantastic spas, before setting off once again, your body and mind more than ready to take on the next step.

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Hôtel Vertigo
In Dijon

The Spa Nuxe

While you're visiting the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy, treat yourselves to a moment of utter relaxation in the magical atmosphere of the Spa Nuxe at the Vertigo 4-star hotel in the town centre. This establishment is all about comfort and design, for the ultimate opportunity to just let go.

Under the white stone arches, leave your body and face in the expert hands of the Nuxe cosmetics brand, and just feel yourself slip into a state of total relaxation. You'll feel as though you are on a cloud...

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In Beaune

The Spa Marie de Bourgogne

In the centre of the medieval town of Beaune, don't miss the opportunity to relax at the spa in the Le Cep 5-star hotel. There, you'll find a range of treatments and services devoted to relaxation, wellness and beauty.

This establishment is the perfect place to reconnect with your body and mind. You can choose from cryotherapy, chromotherapy, balneotherapy and there is also an ayurvedic centre, yoga area, and so much more. You won't want to leave!

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In Mâcon

Spa 360

Add a relaxing break at the Panorama 360 4-star hotel spa in Mâcon to your Southern Burgundy experience. Here, there is a combination of the old-fashioned charm of a building that has been wonderfully renovated, and contemporary decoration that invites you to relax and unwind.

In the expert hands of the beauty therapists, close your eyes and take your senses on a journey thanks to treatments from all over the world: Japan Hawaii, Indonesia, India... Let this state of relaxation last as long as possible, and go for a drink at the hotel's Skybar, to admire the sunset over the town of Mâcon. Magical...


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In Beaune

Spa Nuxe & Bien-être

Add some time at the Le Cèdre 5-star hotel spa into your programme of things to see and do in Beaune. As you enter this establishment, you'll be welcomed into a luxurious bubble of tranquillity.

The spa is in a vaulted cellar decorated with Burgundy stone and woodwork. The beauty therapists have all been trained with Nuxe and will work their magic on you, leaving you utterly relaxed and feeling great. Try out the exclusive signature treatment inspired by the atmosphere of the hotel: the 'Nuxe Cedar Massage'

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Matthieu CELLARD
In Charolles

Maison Doucet

In the centre of the little town of Charolles, known as 'The little Venice of the Charolais', the spa at the 5-star Maison Doucet welcomes you for an elegant and luxurious experience.

With your well-being in mind, they have treatments on offer from two 100% French cosmetics brands: Vinésime and Payot. In an inviting and luxurious atmosphere, your body will feel revitalised, your skin pampered and any stress will have melted away.

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Spa Fruitithérapie Alain DOIRE/BFC Tourisme
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Arnaud Dauphin

The spa at the 5-star Domaine de Rymska

You can expect a timeless experience in the cosy, intimate atmosphere of the wellness area at this château, opened in 2024.

Choose your spa treatment: from Vinésime, specialist in cosmetology from the Burgundy terroir, or Equatoria, a cosmopolitan concept of spa treatments from all over the world. Whichever one you choose, we can guarantee that you will enjoy the ultimate relaxing experience!

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As close as possible to nature

Burgundy and its bountiful natural environment provides incredible areas of lush-greenery for the most bucolic of spa experiences. Here and there, in Puisaye, at the entrance to the Morvan, in Auxois, etc., these little bubbles of wellness are dotted all over the Burgundian landscape.

They are often in the middle of nowhere, far from the hectic daily grind, offering visitors the peace and tranquillity they are looking for. Many of them offer workshops as well as the spa treatments, for opportunities to really connect the body and mind, reconnect with nature and others.

La cave de zel

The benefits of salt

Comfortably seated with a soft blanket around you, surrounded by dimmed lighting and relaxing sounds, you'll be breathing in salty air through all your pores. Halotherapy, sensory massage, reflexology... At the salt cave, you'll feel any stress, fatigue and tension melt away. 

The Cave de Sel (salt cave)

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Spa Fruitithérapie Alain DOIRE/BFC Tourisme
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