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On two wheels

Road trip on a motorbike

The iconic National 6 road and other small country roads are idea for exploring the picturesque and irresistible region of Burgundy: graphic scenery created by vineyards, villages with cobbled streets, peaceful canals, and much more. Put on your helmet and set off on a fantastic adventure!

Explore Burgundy on a motorbike
Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

Road trip in a motorhome

Camper vans and motorhomes have never been so trendy. Freedom, change of scenery every day, independence, doesn't that sound appealing? How about setting off along the roads of Burgundy to really experience this new lease of life?

Explore Burgundy with a motorhome
Did you know?

Burgundy, an inevitable passage between the north and south of France

Since the dawn of time, travellers have had to cross through Burgundy to get from the Mediterranean to the North Sea. Along this several-thousand-year-old north-south route, you can see evidence of this historic past, including archaeological excavations, ancient Roman villas, fortresses, and churches. Not-to-mention the posting houses, some of which have become prestigious and renowned restaurant names: Greuse, Loiseau, Meneau and Lorain!

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Themed road trip

Wine routes

If you are looking for new discoveries and you like good wines, Burgundy and its routes is the place for you.

6 wine routes
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Route 71, the app for planning your road trips

Route 71 is a web app for exploring the Saône&Loire. Wines, discoveries, Romanesque churches, unmissable places, you decide on the programme. The app will be your guide!


Ideas for trips using the Route 71 app

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