Preview of your weekend in the Morvan

Day 1 - Morning

An e-scooter, a lake and the Maison du Parc visitor centre

I want to ride my… e-scooter

After a handling lesson to assess your level and determine which route to take, off you'll go on your e-scooter! From the village of Alligny-en-Morvan you'll head for Chamboux lake, following the Ternin river as it winds through this valley of Morvan amid pastures grazed by beautiful cattle of the Charolais breed.

Between woodland and pastures, you'll reach the banks of the 75-hectare lake, one of the smallest of the Morvan's 6 great lakes. You'll be accompanied by a guide on your adventure along the narrow trails which were once used to travel between the hamlets.

Did you know? Chamboux lake is the Morvan's most recentl dam lake, built in 1985 to supply drinking water to the local villages! 

Plan your e-scooter excursion

The Maison du Parc, a world to explore

Discovery paths, museums, meadows, a botanical garden and a Bistro where you can enjoy a break.

The visit includes:

- a barefoot trail,

- the Taureau lake trail (regional nature reserve),

- the Maison des Hommes et des Paysages (to learn all about the people and landscapes of Morvan) or the Musée de la Résistance (Resistance museum),

- a wild plants trail,

- lunch at the Bistrot du Parc

to stimulate all your senses with sights, sounds, smells and tastes!

La Maison du Parc
My Destination /BFCT

A break for lunch at the Bistrot du Parc

Visit the bistro for a lunch prepared in-house from local, seasonal ingredients, most of which are organic.

Make the most of your delicious break, inside or out on the terrace, or pop in for an afternoon tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate with homemade biscuits and cakes.

Day 1 - Afternoon

A waterfall, the remains of two mills and a trout

The Saut de Gouloux waterfall

The Saut de Gouloux waterfall tumbles from a height of 10 metres into the pool below where you'll see the ruins of two old watermills. Follow the brown trout waymarkers for a short walk between the Caillot and Cure waterfalls which are both a short distance from the first. 

To round off this first day, head for Ouroux-en-Morvan where Coline and Stéphane invite you to stay at the Gîte de la Loutière located right in the centre of the village.

Visit the Saut du Gouloux

Day 2 - Morning

An ancient gallic site, a stylised horse and a walk to visit Bibracte

Take a trip 2,000 years back in time when you visit the Musée de Bibracte, a key site of the Morvan and Burgundy. Located on Mont Beuvray in the south of the Morvan Park, this ancient Aedui capital was once inhabited by up to 10,000 people. It is also an outstandindg natural site that you can explore on foot or on horseback.

Did you know? The emblem of the Morvan Park, a stylised horse, comes from a coin that was found during excavations at Bibracte.

Tackle Bibracte and Mont Beuvray

sortie cheval autour de Bibracte Innoveo
Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Musée Bibracte au pied du Mont Beuvray Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Mont Beuvray à Cheval Innoveo
Alain DOIRE/BFC Tourisme
Point de vue depuis Bibracte Alain DOIRE/BFC Tourisme

2 equestrian centres where you can organise your hack to Mont-Beuvray


Lunch at the Hôtel du Morvan

Take a seat and enjoy all your favourite Burgundy specialities: parsley ham, Charolais beef and much more, all cooked in-house!

Day 2 -  Afternoon

Two pedalos and a paddleboard to glide across the water

Like a fish…. on water

Fancy gliding across the calm water of the Vallon lake, to enjoy pleasant sensations amid the site's 100 hectares of greenery?

The watersports centre has all sorts of solutions for those who want to test their agility on the water with a stand-up paddleboard for one or more people, a pedalo or a canoe.

Le Vallon watersports centre

Autumn special

Other suggestions for your Morvan escape

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sortie cheval autour de Bibracte Innoveo
Musée Bibracte au pied du Mont Beuvray Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Mont Beuvray à Cheval Innoveo
Point de vue depuis Bibracte Alain DOIRE/BFC Tourisme