Learn while having fun at the museums and châteaus

The museums of Burgundy organise fun tours which combine a presentation of the collections and creative workshops. The same applies to the châteaus, where the children will see what it's like to be kings and queens for the day.

Learn about the history of France: Bibracte, Alésia, Guédelon

Antoine Maillier-Centre archéologique européen de Bibracte


Are your children fascinated by the history of the Gauls? In that case, you should go to Bibracte! This Grand Site de France offers a wide range of activities and special deals for children: Gallic days, games booklets, etc.

Julie HANN/BFC Tourisme

MuséoParc Alésia

Vercingetorix, Julius Caesar…put your history books back on the shelf and come and experience the famous Battle of Alésia right where it took place, in a fun and interactive way!

The MuséoParc
Guédelon/Denis Gliksman
Un jeu d'enfant !


In Guédelon, the whole family can come and see a medieval castle being built before their eyes. See the various labourers at work: blacksmiths, carpenters, etc. They will tell you all about their job and the techniques that were used in medieval times. Fascinating!

Guédelon historic worksite

Special family labels!

If you are a parent, remember the names of these 2 labels: Aventures Mômes in Saône-et-Loire and Famil'Yonne in the Yonne.

They will make sure your family adventure is a success!

Accommodation for the whole family!

Do you fancy staying in a rural holiday gite in the French countryside so your children can let off steam in the great outdoors? Or would you prefer something more original and stay in a treehouse or a gypsy caravan, to leave you with unforgettable memories? Whatever you're looking for, the solution is here in Burgundy.

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