Places to swim and cool off in a heatwave

TOP 5 beaches and places to swim

If, like us, you believe a holiday on the water's edge is about more than just crowded beaches, jellyfish and sunburn (our friends on the French Riviera and the Atlantic Coast can take care of holidaymakers who are looking for that!), then follow the guide and read about the top 5 swimming lakes in Burgundy!

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1 The most well-known place to swim

Lac des Settons

The big lakes of the Morvan are not to be missed. Shade, water, peace-and-quiet... What more could you ask for? Maybe some entertainment? We can do that too, because as well as swimming, there are also watersports available here, including sailing, kayaking and windsurfing. And if you don't have time for everything today, then come back again tomorrow!

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2 Natural swimming pool

Beaune Beach

Have you had enough of swimming pools that smell of chlorine and bleach? We understand! In Beaune, they have found the solution, thanks to a swimming pool with 0% chemicals. How does it work? By using the natural filtering power of plants. Thanks to Mother Nature, you'll be swimming in water that has been cleaned, purified and treated, with no risk of irritation! And we haven't even mentioned the view of the Beaune hillsides...

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3 Swimming in the great outdoors

The Etang de la Chênaie leisure complex

Is swimming for you all about serenity and wellness? We've got the ideal place for you, at the Etang de la Chênaie. A beach with facilities, greenery all around you... It's a welcome change from the stony beaches. And if you've had enough of the beach, put your trainers on and go and explore the village of Montapas!

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4 The biggest swimming lake in Burgundy

Swimming in the Lac de Pannecière

How do you fancy swimming in a peaceful place where you can appreciate the simple things in life? Then head to the Lac de Pannecière, the biggest lake in Burgundy. Once you've arrived, you're guaranteed to find the perfect little spot of greenery for a relaxing day out. An unmissable place to refresh the body and mind.

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5 Environmentally friendly swimming

Biotope pool in La Chapelle-Saint-Sauveur

Do you prefer quality to quantity? At the biotope pool in La Chapelle-Saint-Sauveur, there is a surface area of only 1,500 m² for swimming, but the water and the environment are top quality. They have thought of everything to make sure this natural swimming pool blends into the environment as much as possible. However, the quality of service is still top-notch, as you'll find changing rooms, sanitary facilities and a snack bar. All that's left to do is choose your spot and enjoy yourselves!

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6 Full list

All the beaches and places to swim

For those who are always looking for somewhere to swim and cool off, here is the full list of lakes and pools all over Burgundy.

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