Things to do as a family

Spend some quality time together on a boat trip through a cave, on Nivernais canal or on a walking tour with birds of prey. Take your whole family by surprise and plan a very unusual experience for them!

Commune de Bèze / BFC Tourisme

The Grottes de Bèze

Do you enjoy exploring the wonders of our natural environment? Then you're bound to be dazzled on a tour of the Grottes de Bèze and the crystal-clear waters. Tour on a boat and then on foot.

Come and be amazed!

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In Saône & Loire

Guided tour in period costume for children at the Château de Couches

On this guided tour in period costume, you will be taken to some of the castle's hidden locations, to unveil the mysteries and stories of the château.

Get your costumes on!
Christophe Charles
In Bibracte

A walking tour with birds of prey

You are in for a surprise on this tour of Bibracte accompanied by birds of prey flying around you, completely free.

If you're lucky, the birds will swoop down right next to you and pose for photos.

Up close and personal with the animals
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The Vaults of La Collancelle

Spend some time together as a family on Nivernais Canal and admire the superb scenery all around you at this natural site with lush vegetation. You'll feel like you're in the jungle

Exploring Nivernais

For those looking for a rush of adrenaline

Are you a bit of a daredevil? We've got a selection of activities for you that will bring you out in a sweat and above-all make you tremble! 

For those who are not afraid of heights!

Adventure trail on the rocks

Rock climbing is good, but rock climbing in a cave is even better!

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At the Lac des Settons

E-Foil or a flying surfboard!

At the Lac des Settons, you'll have the opportunity to see what it's like to fly thanks to the E-Foil, or in other words, the electric flying surfboard.

It's time for take-off
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Near Chalon-sur-Saône

Ski Wake Sensation

Surf the waves of the Saône for a truly exciting experience.

Excitement galore

A bit of history

Our destination, Burgundy, goes hand-in-hand with its fascinating history. Find out more at the historic show of Saint-Fargeau, at Guédelon medieval castle and in so many other places.

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Interactive show at the Château de Digoine

Come on an incredible interactive one-hour adventure at the Château de Digoine. More than 100 actors will whisk you back in time into the fabulous story of Sarah Bernhardt in the Charolais. Costumes, set design, music, a unique experience into the spirit of 1900!

Please note that the show takes place in June and July.

It's showtime!

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Historic show at the Château de Saint-Fargeau

The Château de Saint-Fargeau invites you to come and watch an exceptional show that will whisk you back through different events in history, including the Revolution and the arrival of the 'Grande Mademoiselle'. 

Get ready to be amazed!

Sarah Preston/Guédelon

Construction of Guédelon medieval castle

Are you a fan of history and also keen on DIY? Then come and do your part to help build the medieval castle, using the techniques from the Middle Ages.

It's time to get stuck in!

Wine enthusiasts

Are you passionate about wine? Here are some original activities for you, for an unusual insight into the fascinating (and intoxicating) world of Burgundy wines.

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Driving a Citroen 2CV through the vineyards

In Beaune, at the very heart of Burgundy, come and explore the Burgundy countryside alone or as a group, in a Citroen 2CV.

Hop in!
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An expedition on the Wine-Bike

On the 'Wine Bike', come and enjoy yourselves, taste the different wines and explore the countryside as you ride around the region's villages.

Let's go!

Really connect with nature in the Morvan 

The Morvan is the ultimate place to try or renew the experience of being at one with nature.

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Barefoot trail

A very unusual trail at the Maison du Parc du Morvan where people of all ages will be barefoot and completely in touch with all their senses.

One step at a time

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Be at one with nature

Sylvotherapy in the Morvan

Sylvotherapy or forest bathing is an invigorating experience. It is a type of therapy where you are completely disconnected from reality as you really connect with the trees.

Forest bathing
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La Fabuloserie, an extraordinary museum

This museum in the Yonne houses a collection of extraordinary art. You can expect to be plunged into a whole other realm.

You won't believe your eyes
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