Alain DOIRE - BFC Tourisme
Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
If you only have time for one...

The Great Morvan Crossing

This is without a doubt the most all-round MTB itinerary in Burgundy!

Depending on the route, you'll be able to find family-friendly "discovery" sections, as well as highly technical sections that are only suitable for experienced riders.

Whatever you're looking for, the Great Morvan Crossing is the ideal choice!

And if there's one thing you will find all along the route, it's the thrilling feeling of freedom, that will stay with you from beginning to end!

The Great Morvan Crossing
Downhill trail

Breuil-Chenue Forest

With 208 m descent, this trail in Breuil is steep... pretty steep. And it's definitely not suitable for everyone!

Those looking for a thrilling descent, this is the ideal trail for you at the heart of Morvan Regional Natural Park.

But be careful, this trail is in a state-owned forest so it is not only reserved for mountain bikes, and it will be closed at times during the hunting season!

Breuil-Chenue Forest
Alain Doire -BFC Tourisme
Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme
Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme
For beginner riders

Tour of the Rocks of Solutré and Vergisson

On this 27 km trail (3 hours of enjoyment), you'll be riding around a natural monument in Burgundy: The Rock of Solutré, and its almost identical twin, the Rock of Vergisson.

This trail is famous in the region because it is where the "L'Estivale" is organised every year, a well-known event for the locals of Maçon, organised by the local MTB club.

There are no difficulties in particular along this trail! It is an easy route, even for a beginner. There are just a few uphill sections (the Rock of Solutré is still quite high up!), meaning there are some great downhill sections too...

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