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Nothing better than a Kir®

It's a pleasure preparing the different wines for your Christmas lunch, but have you thought about a pre-dinner drink? We suggest kicking off your festive day with blackcurrant liqueur made in Burgundy and more specifically in Côte-d’Or, to make a Kir®, which is without a doubt the most popular aperitif drink in France! 

To order your Crème de Cassis and find out all about this little black berry, come to the Cassissium.

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Dinner's ready!

It's the much-awaited moment for everyone to take a seat around the festive table. Bon appétit

Alain DOIRE / Bourgogne-Franche-Comte Tourisme


Helix Pomatia, the great classic of Burgundian gastronomy, needs no introduction! Nothing but the best for your guests, so come and buy them directly from the producers in Burgundy.

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Bresse Chicken

Now this is a chicken that deserves a standing ovation. And rightly so, because Bresse chicken has been recognised with its very own PDO. It is renowned for its exceptional meat and delicious flavour and is ideal for a festive meal. Those looking for the most authentic of experiences can attend the Glorieuses de Bresse in Louhans on the 18th December, an event that attracts all the very best breeders. You can also find this chicken at your local butchers. You'll be able to recognise this prestigious bird by the red, white and blue stamp, PDO label and band! 

The Glorieuses de Bresse
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If you are a fan of cheese, Burgundy is heaven-on-earth! Soft-paste Epoisses cheese, Charolais goat's cheese, Cîteaux Abbey cheese… here, you'll find all the best places to make sure your Christmas cheese board is the crème-de-la-crème!

The very best cheese
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Sweet treats

This year we've got something even better than the traditional tub of Quality Street chocolates. How about a deliciously moist 'pain d'épices' (spice cake) or aniseed flavoured sweets? If you want to see these delights being made with your own eyes, we highly recommend venturing inside the historic workshops. For the 'pain d'épices', go to Mulot & Petitjean in Dijon and for the aniseed sweets the workshop is in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain. 

100% delicious
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The twinkling lights!

A Christmas tree from Morvan

Did you know that the Morvan in Burgundy is the leading natural region in France for producing Christmas trees, with 1 million fir trees over 1,500 hectares of plantations?
Our favourite for 2021: if you want to come and see an extraordinary tree, come to Dijon and admire the huge 18-metre-high Christmas decorations! There are 3 km of fairy lights, a hundred baubles and 361 small trees from Morvan Regional Natural Park.
As an added bonus, the 361 fir trees have all been replanted in the Morvan and the metallic structure made by a Burgundian company can be reused.

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If you still haven't found all the gifts for your loved ones, we have a surprising, 100% Burgundian collection that will make your life easier!

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