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Cycling along the Saône

Pedal along the Voie Bleue

The Voie Bleue Moselle-Saône is an excellent way to explore this river and the surrounding area at your own pace, and is a very pleasant cycle path!

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The port here is the leading river port in France, and every year in June, the big traditional celebration, the "Pardon des Mariniers" takes place here.

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And the Vauban Arsenal, one of the rare to still be completely preserved.

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Capital of the "pôchouse", a dish made with fish from the Doubs and the Saône.

A boat trip along the Saône

Set off on a peaceful cruise along this beautiful river: drift past the surrounding landscapes, and you'll have time to observe them, reflect, and daydream. A real change of scenery as you prepare to pass through each lock, and meet other visitors or boaters along your way. 

Recommendation: bring your bike aboard the boat to be able to explore the surrounding area easily...

Reasons to hire a boat in Burgundy


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Plaisancier sur la Saône à Tournus Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

Drop your anchor!

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Birthplace of photography

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Hotspot for Romanesque art with Saint-Philibert Abbey

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Follow the "Tracé de la Plume" trail and explore French poet Lamartine's town

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A closer look at a pretty section of the Saône, near Dijon

By bike or by boat, the banks of the Saône between Vingeanne and the Val de Saône await for a great getaway on or near the water.

The Saône, a stone's throw from Dijon


If you are not coming here by boat, here are some ideas of places to stay overnight (or longer) on the banks of the Saône.

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