On your bike 

In the old Duchy

Voies vertes', cycle tracks, mountain bike trails... between vineyards and canals, from towns of artistic and historical interest to major natural sites, Burgundy is perfect for cyclists. Its many cycle routes, suitable for every level of ability, form one of the finest cycle touring maps in Europe. Whether you want long-distance trips, really demanding routes or just day-long outings, you will be captivated by the region as soon as you set off.

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Short trips and long-distance routes

For a weekend, week or even longer, the five routes of the Tour de Bourgogne à vélo® leave nothing to chance. You can set off without any worries and just enjoy your trip: cycle hire firms, Tourist Information offices and specialised accommodation are all in place to provide for nearly 800 km of trouble-free cycling!

  • Follow the canal de Bourgogne and stop in the Tonnerrois vineyards, between Migennes and Dijon (212 km).
  • Go back to the time of the 'wood floaters' along the canal du Nivernais (175 km).
  • From the Saône to the Loire, follow the canal du Centre (171 km).
  • In southern Burgundy, the 'Voie verte'and the 'Voie bleue' will take you from Chalon-sur-Saône to Fleurville, via Mâcon (82 km).

Fancy a short family trip? Choose a section of the 'Voie verte' and get some nice surprises! Visit a château, cycle through vineyards or check out one of the Aventures Mômes (Kids' adventure) sites. And you can stop where you like: transfers are possible at any point.

Routes for all abilities.

Dreaming of a transcontinental route? The Eurovélo 6 cycle route runs through Burgundy on its way from the Black Sea to the Atlantic. The nearby Morvan hills are perfect for mountain biking, with 120 middle-distance trails and one long-distance one: the Grande Traversée du Morvan. Not forgetting children: the Santenay-Nolay track, running between fields and vineyards, is perfect for budding cyclists!

...and every taste

Country lanes, canal towpaths, vineyard tracks, minor cycle routes exist throughout the region. Outdoor stops, restaurants, guesthouses, luggage transfers: the Tour de Bourgogne à vélo® Topo-guide is full of useful information and good ideas!

Off the beaten track

Give your trip an unusual slant. Pedal-driven rail trolleys and 'rosalies' (4 wheel cycles for several people) are great for exploring disused railways. N.B. most routes listed also allow roller blades.

As cycling in Burgundy is usually easy, with few slopes on cycle routes exceeding 3%, why not have a go on a recumbent bike ?

Practical information

There are a number of downloadable documents which you can view. Use them to plan your trip, based on established and alternative routes, just as you please.

Round Burgundy cycle tour

Burgundy by bike

Eurovélo 6


Katographie Huber have updated mapping of the French section of Eurovélo 6 to include new developments since 2008. These maps are sold by Michelin in France.

Morvan National Park and Tour of the Morvan

Tél. : +33 (0)3 86 78 79 57
Site internet : www.parcdumorvan.org

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