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freewheeling around Burgundy; Motorcycling around Burgundy ... those who are nostalgic for pre-motorway days will want to head south on the famous N6 and N7 roads. From the “virolos” (series of tight bends) of the Yonne to the Mâconnais hills, a motorbike is ideal for seeing major sights in the region. Far from the main roads, the gentle slopes and amazing scenery of the Morvan are just perfect for bikers in search of peace and quiet.

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Solo, duo or group

Barely two hour's ride from Paris, Burgundy has more to offer than great roads for motorbike outings with friends. Rather than just eat up the kilometres, why not stop and taste wine amidst the vineyards, tourchâteaux, explore the wild river Loire, the hedge-trimmed rolling countryside of the Brionnais or the more southerly Tournugeois and Côte Chalonnaise?

Fun and freedom;

Burgundy has such varied landscapes that you are spoilt for choice. Why not go for complete contrasts? Leaving the Loire in the east, head for the delightful rolling meadows of the Puisaye. Setting off from Dijon, tour wine-growing country along the superb Côte de Nuits. The glistening vines of the Mâconnais stand out clearly against the steep limestone slopes above... Each type of landscape has a cultural or gastronomic theme ... often they have both!

Full beam on the Morvan

Fancy a really testing route? Touring the Morvan lakes involves twisting,turning roads which challenge the most experienced biker. The Morvan National Park, well off the beaten track, is an untamed area with the look and feel of a far-off land. Biking through the Morvan is a bit like biking through America!

Whichever route you choose, enjoy your biking, discover new places and activities, stay in comfortable accommodation. As for the rest, just improvise in true “biking spirit”.

Practical information

You can download “road books” for suggested Michelin Moto routes which will help you identify the most attractive parts of your itinerary. They also feature good places to eat and suitably equipped accommodation, as well as information on the state of the roads and contact details for the nearest motorbike workshop in case of a breakdown.

Restaurants/accommodation run by bikers or biking fans are known as “relais motards” :

Relais Motards
Tél.: 04 94 81 51 04

If you prefer an itinerary specially designed for you, then contact a specialist agency. They are sure to come up with an interesting route where you can meet other enthusiasts. Motorbike tourist agencies provide complete touring packages, with or without a guide. Luggage transfer is usually part of the deal. The ideal solution for group outings !

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