Discover Burgundy - Part pilgrimage, part nature trail

From Paray-le-Monial to Cluny, from Vézelay to La-Charité-sur-Loire, seek out the spiritual in Burgundy or walk around the great natural sites of the Morvan and the Mâconnais. For a day, a weekend or longer, tools provided by the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre (FFRP), Rando Accueil® stop-over accommodation and specialist guide books are a useful adjunct to departmental routes and circuits.

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Major walking routes

Long-distance footpaths (GR) , are ideal for extended hikes!. Best foot forward along the GR 13 path through the Morvan hills, from Vézelay to Autun. The GR 2 goes from Le Havre to Dijon, by way of the Yonne and Seine valleys. Ready for a very long hike? From the Bohemian woods to Santiago de Compostella, the E3 European trail linking Germany to Spain runs alongside the river Yonne…

Round trips, urban walks and gourmet rambles

The Tour du Morvan by the lakes is a marvellous round trip, strangely evocative of Scandinavia or Canada. Higher up, the ancient sites of Bibracte,Solutré, and Alésia display their poignant relics of the past along easily accessed footpaths

If you prefer shorter breaks and family–friendly excursions, try one of our charming urban walks or go on a gourmet ramble. .

Well-known quality labels, choice of accommodation

Want to stay in the best places? Whatever your itinerary, up-to-date quality label accommodation, approved by can be found all along the way. With Rando Accueil® accommodation you are sure of a warm welcome and the chance to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. From short hikes to the Santiago de Compostella pilgrim way, Specialist agencies can organise your expedition and work out your itinerary.

Check it all out now!

In addition to IGN (Institut Géographique National) maps, you can buy Topo-guides, published by the FFRP, and Chamina guides, both of which fit easily in your pocket. Departmental agencies produce downloadable routes associated with major historical and natural sights. Cirque de la Coquille, Baye lake or La Truchère nature reserve … the Découvertes nature en Bourgogne network brings together 32 natural sites across the 4 departments of Burgundy. From vineyards to villages, widen your horizons!

Practical information

A hike, even an accompanied one, requires some thought and planning. You can rely on the Departmental Tourist boards and the different branches of the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre for help. They really do know the terrain!

Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan

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Institut Géographique National (IGN)

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Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre (FFRP)

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Comité Régional de Randonnée Pédestre (CRRP)

Tél.: 03 80 43 15 64

Departmental tourist boards départementales

Yonne :
Côte-d'Or :
Nièvre :
Saône-et-Loire :

Santiago de Compostella pilgrim way

The full itinerary is described in FFRP (Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre) Topo-guides.

Burgundy Tourist Board publications

Maps and publications: Wine routes and gourmet trails in Burgundy, Practical guide for accommodation in Burgundy, Horse riding in Burgundy, Cycling in Burgundy, Inland waterways in Burgundy, The one and many faces of Burgundy.

FFRP Topo-guides

Chamina Guides