At the heart of the Morvan

Departure point : Vézelay5 Days / 230 km


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Even if you are allergic to old buildings and fed up with nature, you will surely fall under the spell of the basilica at Vézelay and Fontenay abbey, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. It would also be difficult not to fall in love with this part of Burgundy, with its lakes and little roads winding their way through wooded valleys and sleepy villages nestling around a church ...

Day 1

The trip starts with a tour of Vézelay, its unforgettable basilica, Zervos museum (modern art) and lovely old houses. Then head south for Saint-Père and its charming church before making for Vauban's château at Bazoches. After this take the D944 road to Château-Chinon, alongside Pannecière-Chaumard lake, the largest of the Morvan lakes. D?944 road takes you to Château-Chinon.

Days 2 and 3

Château-Chinon, capital of the Morvan, was a Gallic settlement (oppidum), Roman camp, the site of a monastery and medieval castle and, centuries later, became the stronghold of a famous mayor and future French President: François Mitterrand. You can admire the view over the Morvan from the wayside cross, enjoy a pleasant walk by the castle. Take time to visit the Septennat museum, displaying the official gifts made to President Mitterrand, including some pretty unusual ones! Take the D37 to Les Settons lake (alt. 573?m). This lovely lake, surrounded by larch and fir trees, extends across the Cure valley. Spend an extra day exploring the area with its fishing, hiking/riding and water sports. The beautiful setting and many activities available make this, the oldest man-made lake in the Morvan, a very enjoyable place to stay.

Day 4

Continue northwards as far as Saulieu, by way of Saint-Agnan lake. After touring Saulieu and its François Pompon museum (famous sculptor, pupil of Rodin), make for the butte de Thil (old collegiate church, 14th century château) via the D980 and D70 roads. Back onto the D980 to Semur-en-Auxois, a delightful medieval town perched on a pink granite cliff. Carry on towards Venarey-les-Laumes then Alise-Sainte-Reine where the archaeological excavations take you back in time to the battle of Alésia between the forces of Vercingétorix and Julius Caesar. You could also go to Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, famous for its little aniseed sweets of the same name. Take the D905 to Montbard where you end the day.

Day 5

Tour Montbard and the great ironworks at Buffon before heading off to the masterpiece that is Fontenay abbey. The abbey gives a clear picture of life in a totally self-sufficient 12th century Cistercian monastery. Return on the D103 then take the D957. There are two possibilities at this point: stop off in the village of Montréal to admire the church (26 carved stalls) or, a few kilometres further on, visit the château of Montjalin with its collection of cars belonging to heads of state. Make your way to Avallon and stroll around this attractive town and its walled enclosure arrayed with gardens. To end the trip on a stylish note, visit the costume exhibition centre.

Bib's tip
Enjoy Les Settons lake and its activities, while stopping on the lakeside parking/service area (not available on Thursdays – market day).