Circuit of the ponds

Starting at the village square, turn left and take the small lane to “Champ du Montillet”, keep straight on this old road from Gibles to Aigueperse. When going down, on your right is a view of the Lake Grands Moulins. Join the Departmental Road towards Aigueperse. To the left is Lake Vaubresson. At the wayside cross go left. At the end of the lane is Lake Claies. After 1.5 kms is “Les Conditions” where circuits GI1 and GI2 separate; immediately go towards Le Palais. Go right and after 100m cross the Departmental Road. To the left is Lake Palais and to the right is an old mill. After 1km take the lane to the right at the entrance to the woods. At the sign for “Croix Jugnon” join circuit GI2
Follow “Billebin – les Avoineries”, cross the farm and turn right to cross the woods to the summit of Mont Sermaize. At “Bois Genly” go right towards “Les Avoineries”. ( Circuit GI2 is on the left) Go towards “Les Avoineries”. Go left onto the tarmac road, turn right at the Resistance Monument.
Go down the lane opposite. At the end is Lake Petits Moulins. Go right and continue as far as “Les Grands Moulins”. Cross the road at Lake Grands Moulins, turn left just after some buildings, go right to Lake Loges. Take the tarmac road to the right towards “L’Auvergnat”. At the first crossroads turn right; at the second crossroads turn right again then keep straight on to the Bourg of Gibles.

Place du Village
71800 - GIBLES
Ph. +33 XX XX XX XX
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Type : Foot

Departure : GIBLES

Departure area : Place du Village

Arrival : GIBLES

Arrival area : Le Bourg

Distance (km) : 8

Niveau : Mean level

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