Atelier Denis Guitton

Status : Artist, Workshop, Gallery

7, rue de l'Abreuvoir
21120 - MOLOY
Côte d'Or
Ph. +33 XX XX XX XX
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THE JOURNEY… Denis Guitton trained as a ceramist. He worked at Royal Copenhagen Porcelaine, took courses at the Beaux Arts Academy of Bayonne and later worked in the atelier of Kurt Onhsorg in Vienna. Subsequent life abroad—he lived and worked in several European and Middle Eastern countries—allowed him both to perfect his technique and to absorb key elements of these cultures into his art. He returned to France in 1980 to set up his atelier in the Port des Pecheurs in Biarritz. There he worked as a potter, creating objects with basic forms and pure lines. He turned to painting at the time of his move to Burgundy in 1990. The natural beauty and seclusion of the Burgundian countryside helped him to develop a unique style, eschewing conventional artistic schools and methods—an originality of both form and matter. Each aesthetic discovery led to further probing and to new discoveries, providing a paradoxical continuity. The result speaks to the heart before speaking to the mind. THE ATELIER The atelier is monastic, devoid of the clutter we romantically associate with artists. The room was designed for concentration, for thought,and for the time-consuming work of the artisan. To avoid unnecessary distraction, everything is ordered, alligned and arranged in a white room that voices peace and silence. The door is always open, and through it he welcomes collectors and admirers. His recent large exhibitions took place in Provence and in Burgundy in 2011 and 2013, in the Netherlands in 2010,in Burgundy and in Switzerland in 2009, in Paris in 2008, in Provence in 2007 and in Holland in 2006. …TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER Denis Guitton is a humanist and a purist. Purity of form and interplay of light take his work beyond the pictorially anecdotal to a higher plane. Transcending strightforward pictorial reproduction of immediate perceptions, his art is idealistic and ultimately optimistic… in other words, beyond the world of instant reaction to current events. At the same time, his irregular textures—the product of intense effort--allude to human frailty. The finished work reveals itself to be the product of a painter-sculptor in which the juxtaposition of the light and the dark, the brilliant and the mat, share a harmonious space. The ambiguity of the trompe l'oeil of material matter leaves room for the viewer's imagination to enter a personal and therefore solipsistic universe. Each objet-d'art is both an object of perception—appreciable in its own terms- and the representation of an underlying reality that hides behind the perceived reality. Every work is a window to another world and leads the viewer to meditate , stimulating both external and internal sensation which is ultimately the poetry of the visual.

Spoken languages :

  • French
  • German
  • English


    Groups welcomed : yes

    Maximum size : 6


Last update : 04/01/2020

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